Wonder Why I Can't Get Stuff Done?

I thought I’d have so much more free time being a stay-at-home Mom, but I never ever seem to finish my to-do list and honestly sometimes feel like I’d be more productive if I was working. At least I’d be on a schedule with deadlines and expectations I must meet. I’m not complaining though, I LOVE that I have the opportunity to stay home, watch my baby grow and be there for every little adorable thing she does. If it weren’t for that than I might miss adorable kodak moments like the first time in her Baby Einstein activity jumper!

first time

Come on. This kid can’t get any cuter! First time in a bouncer and she’s wearing a little red gingham Russian dress that a friend gave us. It’s too much.


baby feet!
baby feet!
SO excited!
SO excited!

Man, I wonder why I can’t manage to get things done? Even when she naps I have trouble pulling myself away. I either want her to stay napping on me or I just watch her sleep. Oh well, they don’t stay small forever!



PLUS a hat
PLUS a hat

I can’t leave out my eldest either…


Happy Weekend!





4 Replies to “Wonder Why I Can't Get Stuff Done?”

  1. She is so cute! Love her. My Dad’s here for dinner. I showed him the photos. He wandered where is Duckie !

    1. Haha She just wasn’t around or she would have had her picture taken too!

  2. Naps for Mom ARE important! You need energy to deal with the demands of a baby.

  3. I am working mostly from home now too, and it is a fairly new thing. I am in your exact boat, in fact, I took a short nap with the wee one today. I did get a bit of work done, but my to-do list and my completed list are really, really disproportionate. 🙂

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