A Dress for Me, A Dress for You (Giveaway!)

Disclaimer: My baby is teething (I think?) and I am not getting very much sleep. This post may or may not make sense and will likely have many typos (like more than usual). There’s also a chance I will do one of the following while simultaneous typing: a) nurse a baby, b) watch Orange is the New Black, c) fall asleep on my keyboard, or d) forget what I’m doing. Good luck, to both of us.



I keep telling you how difficult it is to dress when you are breastfeeding, and now that I am into month 4 it hasn’t gotten easier. The dressing part that is, actually feeding her is a piece of cake at this point. Anyways, it’s not a huge problem because first of all, it’s summer and not only super easy but comfortable to wear low-cut tanks; and second of all, I love shopping. Needing appropriate clothes for feeding is a great excuse to go shopping. I’ve even discovered that there are entire clothing lines dedicated to nursing Moms! Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web I found a sweet UK company called Love Milk who sells Nursing and Maternity wear.

I decided to try their beautiful Sadie dress in papaya. The dress is pretty and very easy to dress up or down, but OMG is it comfortable! You know when you buy something fancy you can tell the difference from the way it feels? This dress feels like a million bucks. It is very soft, yet durable feeling. It feels like you can sleep in it all day everyday and it will never wear it…it feels like you got your moneys worth! I just read that it’s made of bamboo jersey. I want all of my clothes to be made of bamboo jersey.


I wore the dress a few times because I like to really test a product, put it through the ringer, before sharing a review. The third time I wore it, I took it on a field trip to Target. The UK doesn’t have Target, so I figure I’d show the dress what America has to offer, which is lots of cute crap on which I want to spend all of my money. I paired it with some gold accessories and yellow wedges.



We shopped and shopped, and one employee actually commented on how much she loved my dress! About halfway through our pointless shopping trip, Luna decided it was time to eat and I found myself a nice little seat in the refreshment section to feed her. I have been known to feed her while shopping, but baby girl is getting heavy and I’ve grown accustomed to catching up on my reading while she eats. (BTW, it’s really nice that Target has a place to sit down, most stores do not.)

reading and eating
reading and eating

See how easy that is? No cover, no struggle, no sweating over-heated baby and no awkwardness for Mom. It’s awesome, right? There’s a gathering over the bust of the dress. You simply move it to the side to have access to nursing. So easy!



That’s one happy baby, and I am even happier to announce that Love Milk is going to give away one Sadie style dress (your choice of color: black, papaya, palm print. Sizes XS-XL) to one of you! This is a $100 (or 59 pounds) value, and it’s so easy to win! Just do the following:

  1. Follow the blog.
  2. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest.
  3. Leave me a comment below and tell me how you’d sport the Sadie dress!

*Winner will be announced on Thursday, June 26th.

That’s not all Love Milk has offered either! ALL of you can head to their shop now until June 30th to get 15% off the spring and summer line. Just use the discount code POSITIVELYPANICKED15. Aren’t they wonderful?

Good luck and big thanks Love Milk for offering such a sweet giveaway!





10 Replies to “A Dress for Me, A Dress for You (Giveaway!)”

  1. follow via email.
    follow via pinterest.
    I’d wear my Chewbeads nursing necklace and white gladiator sandals with this dress.
    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Genevieve Wright says: Reply

    I used to wear dresses all summer long (around the house, out and about, etc.)…but none of my current dresses work with breastfeeding. 🙁

    So…this will definitely get lots of use if I win. lol

    1. Yup its a perfect summer dress!

  3. What a cute dress! I love dresses, so I would probably wear this one everywhere with lots of different stuff. Actually nope, I wouldn’t. I would probably just wear the dress, I always forget to accessorize.

  4. What a gorgeous comfortable dress! Perfect for summer. I follow your blog and also follow you on FB and twitter. Have a great summer! This would be so cute with summer fitflops! Those make for comfortable feet.

  5. Such a lovely dress! I’m following your blog via email as well as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’d don this dress with a comfortable pair of ballet flats, such as Tieks. I’d also add an accessory, such as a gold cuff. 🙂

  6. I need this dress! I would totally rock this dress with some chew beads! I love that you could also dress this up with a blazer and wear to church. This is such a perfect dress for weekend shopping.

  7. I follow on FB and pinterest. I would wear it with some beige flats.

  8. Anessa hansing says: Reply

    Love this dress! I would wear it with a baby on my hip as an accessory and some cute gold sandals! (I can’t wear earrings or necklaces much because Sutton tried to rip then to pieces). It’s so hard trying to find breast feeding friendly clothes! We are on our 10th month of exclusively breastfeeding!!! Yay!

  9. […] so I was supposed to announce the winner of this fabulous dress yesterday, but you know…life. Things like mastitis, teething babies, visiting friends leaving […]

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