6 Tips for Starting Mother’s Day Out

Luna's first day of Mother's Day Out

Luna has officially been in Mother’s Day Out for a week now, which makes me a MDO pro, right? Well, no. BUT, it does make me a Mom who made several “my kid is starting school!” mistakes, and now I can share what I’ve learned from those mistakes with you!

Luna's first day of MDO

To be honest, I thought I would be an instant school-Mom pro. I mean, after all, I’m a former teacher. I should know how these things roll. I forgot that I am also a first-time Mom and that side of me took over once it was time for MDO to begin. Luna got new “school clothes”, a giant Minnie Mouse backpack, lunchbox and thermos, a handmade mat cover, new shoes, hair bows, etc. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t buy myself a new “first-day-of-school” outfit. I showed up to meet-the-teacher night with a bag full of crap I didn’t need/couldn’t use and was very quickly realized I had a lot to learn.

first day of mother's day out


6 tips for starting mother's dayout

  1. Send them in play clothes. They will paint, play in the mud, spill milk down their shirts and get really dirty being kids. So send them in the inexpensive stuff or stock up on Shout!
  2. Meal planning is a must. This is the toughest new task to learn for me. I have to prepare a healthy lunch that includes a whole grain, a protein, a dairy product and either a fruit or vegetable for Luna’s lunch. AND, everything has to be cut into non-chokable bite-sized pieces. Don’t get me wrong, Luna typically eats a healthy lunch. I’m just not typically so prepared and organized about her meals.
  3. Don’t shop until after you get a supply list. Trust me on this one. Every school and teacher prefers different supplies so don’t think you can buy what your friend bought for their child at a different school.
  4. Don’t save the paperwork until 10pm the night before. There is soooooooooooo much to fill out.  You will need to pull out medical records, the baby book and even ask your Husband for help. mom and dad quote
  5. Bring your camera! Everyone loves some great “first day of school” photos!
  6. Relax. Everything will be just fine. The best way to feel comfortable with dropping your baby off for the first time is to find a school you love and trust. Talk to the director, take a tour, meet the teachers, read reviews, talk to other parents and be involved. I am already so impressed with Luna’s school. The staff and teachers have been so sweet and clearly love their jobs and their students. I am confident that Luna will not only love her class, but learn a lot this year!
big girl with her backpack
When did you get so big, baby?
giant backpack, little toddler
Every toddler needs a backpack that’s bigger than they are.
holding mommy's hand
Never let go!!!

Did anyone else’s babies start some type of school this month? I’d love to hear about it!



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