The Happiest Night Run on Earth

the night color run

A couple of months ago we did the Foam Glow Run 5k and it was no bueno (most unorganized run ever). So, recently when my friend asked us to do the Night Color Run 5k with her we were apprehensive to sign up. However, we are very easily persuaded to do just about anything so we not only signed up, but convinced other people to sign up with us. Lucky for all of us, this night time run was at least 10x better than the first.

before color run photo
The “before”, so fresh and so clean clean

The Night Color Run is put on by the Color Run and is similar, yet very different than the other popular Foam Glow 5k. In case it isn’t clear…it’s at night, you run through 5 different neon color zones, a few glowing bubble zones and end in a color explosion. At the finish line you are covered in 5 different glow in the dark colors, receive a medal and a couple more color powder packets (to use whenever you’d like). Then, beyond the food and merchandise booths, there is a stage with a DJ who is not only blaring some great dance tunes, but throwing as much free merchandise (plus more color packets) into the crowd as possible.

color run collage

It’s a little gimmicky, yes, but it’s also soooo much fun! First of all, everything from the t-shirts to the music is MUCH better quality than the Foam Glow. The colors that get thrown on you are in dry powder form, not wet foam, and everything is so much better organized. It makes for a good time. The after party concert was really fun. It’s a mosh pit of runners covered in colors, but the best part is the countdown to a color explosion every 15 minutes or so.

As the DJ (and his little helpers) throw out hundreds of new color packets, they ask that you hold them until they countdown. After they’ve thrown the packets, some tees, hats and other random merchandise, they begin to countdown to a color explosion (BTW, I’m making that name up). It’s 3, 2, 1…and at the exact same time everyone in the crowd opens their color packs and throws them in the air to make a crazy beautiful color cloud that then lands on top of everyone. Good stuff.

color explosion
I tried to capture it, but it doesn’t do it justice.

We stayed for a few “color explosions” before calling it a night. We had NO IDEA how ridiculous we looked until we caught a glimpse of each other under a street light as we walked back to the car. Yowzer.

The "after" photo...
The “after” photo…

Here’s a tip: Bring extra clothes…and some towels. I spent a lot of time vacuuming our car the next day.

Here’s a warning: The blue powder stained some of my skin for a couple of days. It was no big deal, but if you have a wedding or job interview the next day you may want to bypass the blue zones.

So, what will be our next race? Good question… Maybe a Halloween run? Maybe a 10K? We’ll see!


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