Our Latest Family Adventure

Our most recent adventure was a road trip to Pittsburgh to visit family. Let me say this about road trips with a toddler… I originally planned on writing a blog about how to successfully travel by car with a toddler. I now know that I am only qualified to write “How to suck at road trips and pull out all of your hair with a toddler”. Next time…next time I will do better. In any case, the actual travel part may have consisted of nothing but Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and crackers, but the actual time spent in Pittsburgh was a perfect success!

four generations
Four Generations!

First off, I cannot say enough how fantastic it is to visit family when you have a baby/toddler/child. Our family LOVES Luna. They literally ask to do things like, feed, play with, change diapers, entertain, etc. It’s so great to have some actual time to myself. I actually made a photo book on the computer that I’d been trying to create for the last year. I sat and watched TV without doing anything else. I had wine, ate a couple of hot meals and slept. It was a true vacation.

painting lessons
Painting lessons with Great Grandma


Besides eating yummy homemade meals, painting with Luna’s artist Great Grandma and playing family card games, we also got out and explore the Iron City (that’s Pittsburgh, BTW). Many activities were focused on Luna. We went to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and were all thoroughly impressed. WHY do we not have a place like this in Nashville??? It was 4 levels of all interactive, hands-on, educational, all-age friendly fun. There was a level were kids of all ages can make tons of art, rooms full of ladders, ropes and slides, tons of things to build and create, stuff to read and explore and the entire top floor is an indoor splash pad! Luna and I would be there every week if we lived in Pittsburgh.

reading to daddy
Reading to Daddy in the Eric Carle exhibit

tire play

making art
making art!

the indoor splash pad

We also hit up the local playground, sandbox and splash park because what else would a toddler want to do on vacation?

pigtails and sand

However, it can’t always center around her… We managed to make it downtown to eat some fresh fish, shop in the the strip district, take in the view at the Mt. Washington overlook and take a very hot incline trolley down the side of the mountain.


pittsburgh view

Our last day was spent at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Ooh, the hills, the animals, the trees and the peace and quiet! I could spend a lot of time enjoying that resort. In the one day we had we zip-lined, ate a nice lunch, toured the beautiful luxury hotel, visited with some friendly animals and even relaxed on the porch for a while.

zipline in nemacolin
The zip-liines

So, while I am of no help to you when it comes to a happy road trip, I can tell you that the looonnnggg road trip is worth it. We had the best time visiting our family in Pittsburgh. I am so grateful that they welcome us with open arms, allow us to sleep in and mess up their formerly clean home, eat all of their food and entertain us. Most importantly, they got to spend quality time with Luna. It’s hard to have so many loved ones live so far away. We cherish our times together and we will always be willing to take those long drives and flights to spend time together.

baby on a rock



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  1. That looks so nice!

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      It was great, but your Grand Canyon trip looks AMAZING!!!

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