A Night Out With Peter Pan

Friday night I had the rare and lovely pleasure of getting out of the house and enjoying a cultural night on the town sans family. That’s right, Husband and Baby Girl stayed home while I went to the ballet with my Grandmother and Aunt in-laws (Can I just claim them as my own?). We saw Peter Pan at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and it is now my new favorite ballet.

The Nashville ballet peter pan

Over the last few years, I have been very fortunate and able to see many of the Nashville ballet’s performances. Each year the technique, choreography, costumes and set improve and impress. One of my all time favs is their annual Nutcracker performance, but I honestly liked Peter Pan even more. Clearly, the fact that it pulls on the heartstrings of my Disney-side makes me slightly biased, but it was so much more than just “disney”. It was magical, beautiful and adorable.

the lost boys, nashville ballet

The show is very kid-friendly. In fact, the audience was speckled with children dressed in their themed Peter Pan costumes (awwww). It’s an easy story to follow, the characters are funny, the dances are mesmerizing, the set and costumes are bright and colorful and what kid doesn’t love Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying, literally flying, around the stage? It’s true. Many characters are attached to harnesses and wire, lifted off the floor and flown around on stage, with a bit of pixie dust to help, of course.

nashville ballet

The beginning of the ballet is set in the children’s nursery and it was my favorite part. It was nostalgic and heart-warming to watch one of my all time favorite stories be told through dance. I couldn’t stop smiling as the “children” mimicked their parent’s dancing, jumped from bed to bed and eventually learned to fly with Peter. When the children do learn to fly and are “off the Neverland” the set changes from their nursery to the night sky and the transformation is breath-taking.

Although, I enjoyed my night out, I couldn’t help but think of Luna and how I cannot wait until she’s old enough to take to a 2 hour ballet, or even better, take ballet lessons.

Sadly, the last performance of Peter Pan is today, but there’s several upcoming performances for the Nashville Ballet, check em’ out here!


P.S. The show might have inspired me to finally select our Halloween costumes for this year!

wendy, peter pan and tinkerbell
hint hint!

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