Celebrating the Beginning of Fall

*Written on September 23rd, just have not been able to post!

Cheekwood Harvest

It’s fall! Today is the first day of fall and for the first time ever I am SO excited! Typically, I want summer to last until the week of Christmas and start again after the New Year, but this year I have been so antsy waiting for Fall to start. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to run in the heat this year, or maybe I’m just super excited about Fall festivities with Luna? Whatever it is, I’m pumped! I kicked off the Fall fun a day early by taking Luna to the Cheekwood Harvest.

white pumpkins at cheekwood

Cheekwood is gorgeous year round, but oh my, there is something so special about the Harvest. There are pumpkins galore! Luna really liked touching the different bumpy ones, looking at the different colors and most of all, counting the baby ones…

counting pumpkins
“one, two, one, two, one, two…”

The scarecrow walk is always fun. Last year there was an abundance of Olaf scarecrows. This year’s trend seemed to be minions.

minion scarecrow

My fav this year
My fav this year

One reason I wanted to go on a Tuesday was to take advantage of Cheekwood’s “Tuesday for Tots” program. Every Tuesday from 10am-12pm they offer a free art lesson for toddlers and preschoolers. I will say it is more geared towards preschool aged children, but I’ve taken Luna a few times and we always enjoy it. The art projects are always really creative and turn out adorable. They offer smocks for the kids to wear, all the supplies, help, plenty of space and a place to hang your artwork to dry while you walk around the gardens.

Tuesday for Tots Tuesday for Tots at Cheekwood

Every time we go to Cheekwood we spend some time watching the trains. I was thrilled to find that the train exhibit has been completely redone since my last visit. The trains were incredible before the makeover, now they are just amazing. There are multiple levels, tons of tunnels, bridges, mountains and towns. It is very cool and impressing for children and adults.

cheekwood trains

While Luna was looking through the window of the gazebo with an adorable little boy we just met, I just had to snap a photo. About 2 seconds after that photo was taken Luna leaned too far forward and very quickly flipped forwards, feet flying over her head and landed in the train exhibit. (She’s fine.) I got her fast as lightning, and the second I realized she was fine, I was SO embarrassed. There were dozens of other Moms watching who all managed to keep their children from falling into the exhibit. I’d like to think no one was judging, but I still high-tailed it out of there for a picnic as fast as possible.

and just 2 seconds later...
and just 2 seconds later…

We really enjoyed our morning and early afternoon at the Cheekwood Harvest. Not that I’m surprised… we always enjoy Cheekwood. BTW the Harvest is from September 19 – November 1. Not a bad way to start Fall if I do say so myself!

picnic at cheekwood

How are the rest of you celebrating the first day of fall?


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