10 Life Lessons From Cinderella

10 life lessons from cinderella

Growing up my favorite Disney princess was always Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. She is smart, a little quirky, beautiful, kind and wears a beautiful yellow dress (my favorite color). However, after seeing Cinderella on Broadway in NYC, the new Cinderella movie and now Broadway’s Cinderella in Nashville at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, I may have a new favorite. Cinderella has gone from being a sweet girl who finds her prince, to a kind, smart and brave girl that not only wins the heart of a prince, but opens his eyes to the trials in his kingdom. Her determination to follow her dreams changes people and makes her world a better place.

Cinderella on Broadway TPAC

I wrote a review of the show here, and my opinions haven’t changed a bit. The show is just as magical the second time around (yes, even on tour!). So, for this review I’m going to give you 10 important life lessons we can all learn from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s modern day Cinderella.

Cinderella on Broadway TPAC

1. Kindness is never wasted. Be kind to each and every person you meet. “Kindness is practiced now in all the great courts.”

2. Don’t give up on your dreams because anything is possible. “Impossible things are happening everyday.”

3. Sometimes wearing a beautiful dress, having an amazing hairstyle, the right makeup and a great night out makes all the difference in the world! It’s just like dressing for success.

4. Reading is the key. Cinderella finds all the answers she needs in the book about the world that Jean-Michel gives her.

5. One pair of shoes can change you life. (Especially if they’re made of Venetian glass.)

6. Speak up. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Tell it like it is, sister!

7. People are not always as they appear. That snotty girl, might actually be an insecure intellectual who is being bullied by her own parents. The plain poor girl could be the kindest best friend you will ever have. And, the town crazy lady could be your Fairy Godmother, who knows!?!

8.We all have people who inspire us (Fairy Godmothers). Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother, but we all have/need someone in our lives to empower us and remind us to believe in ourselves.

9. Have courage. Do not let others intimidate you from going after your dreams. Sometimes courage looks like standing up for a friend. Sometimes it is following your own path. Sometimes it’s doing the right thing when no one else is. And, sometimes, courage is simply showing up.

10. When the right person comes along, the shoe will fit.

Cinderella at TPAC

TPAC has done it again by bringing, yet another, fabulous show during Broadways season. It was a magical night out and I’m already looking forward to the next!

cinderella broadway musical tpac



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