Boo! (at the Zoo!)

Nashville Boo at the Zoo

If you haven’t realized it, we are a bit obsessed with the Nashville Zoo. Luna and I attend just about every event they offer throughout the year. Our zoo rocks. So, clearly, we wouldn’t miss this year’s Boo at the Zoo (formerly known as the “Ghouls at Grassmere”).

Somehow, we have the CRAZIEST jam-packed schedule this fall/winter and we only had one day to make it to one of our fav Halloween festivities…luckily, that “one day” just happened to be opening night. Unluckily..Luna had a cold and a couple of teeth coming in. She wasn’t exactly her normal happy-go-lucky self, but she managed to enjoy herself.

Right after entering the gates we were greeted with Disney Princesses and the Nashville Zoo’s famous giraffe mascot. Luna, being her grumpy little self, wanted nothing to do with them so we opted for a red-carpet Mommy/Daughter photo shoot. (Which is basically the same as taking a photo with a Disney Princess, amiright?)

mommy daughter red carpet

Our first stop was the Story Tail Treat Trail. We “trick-or-treated” around dozens of animal exhibits and Peter and I, eh hmm, I mean Luna, got lots and lots of yummy treats. Most of the animals are in for the night during the festivities, but we got some up close and personal looks at a kangaroo, a tortoise and a bearded lizard.

nashville zoo, trick or treat

I was SO excited to see the moon photo-spot was back this year! Last year, I just had to take a photo with Luna (for obvious reasons), and this year was no different. Now, the Nashville Zoo, just has to promise me to always and forever keep this photo-spot available during the Boo at the Zoo. Luna and I need to re-create this photo every year, at least until she graduates high school.

2014 vs 2015

Luna’s favorite spot was the Fall Festival Field. There’s lots of carnival games, treats, a maze, a hayride, etc… BUT the highlight of the entire night was the corn box.

corn box nashville zoo

Luna really REALLY did not want to leave the corn box. The fit that ensued when we had to leave was cause for alarm. Husband and I considered leaving her and coming back for her the next morning. I’m sure the corn is a comfy place to sleep, plus the zoo keepers already have to deal with wild animals. Same same.

My favorite part of the night was the carousel, or shall I say the “SCAREousel”. I let Luna choose her animal (kangaroo) and we had a magical ride together.

the zoo carousel

boo at the zoo carousel luna on the carousel blue eyes sunset carousel mommy daughter carousel kisses

Tomorrow and Friday are the final two nights of this years Boo at the Zoo! Nashville friends, you don’t want to miss this. Dress your kids up, head over and enjoy the evening!

Happy Haunting! Three more days till’ Halloween!


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