Our Many Halloween Celebrations

a positively panicked halloween

It’s November 1st, Halloween is officially over, which almost makes me sad, but then I remember it’s my Birthday Month/Thanksgiving/Black Friday and so many fun events are coming up! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though…can we first reflect on one of the best holidays in existence? The day of playing dress-up, getting free treats and watching scary movies!

tinkerbell eating

You know we did some pre-celebrating at Boo at the Zoo, but Halloween is kind of like my Birthday..it’s celebrated all month! Luna got to sport her Tinkerbell dress all over town… starting with The 12 South Farmer’s Market End of Season/Halloween Celebration. We danced with Mr. Steve (in the rain), ate grilled cheeses from the famous Grilled Cheeserie truck and stocked up on some veggies.

halloween at the farmer's market

Of course, pumpkin carving was a must. I risked cutting off every finger to carve a Mickey for Luna. She had literally zero interest in helping me or touching the pumpkin at all. BUT, she did point to it after I was done and exclaimed, “Mickey!”, so it was worth it. Plus, I roasted some delicious pumpkin seeds afterwards.

pumpkin carving with a toddler

We celebrated with friends and got our annual “kids in costumes” photo. And, yes, that Charlie Brown is the cutest thing anyone has ever seen!


toddler friends at Halloween

Luna also had her first ever school program this week! If you know Luna, you know she can be quite the dancing fool. She loves hamming it up for her friends and family and giving us quite the booty shaking performance. Before the show, her teachers warned the parents that since their class is the youngest, they do not force them to go on stage or wear their costumes if they don’t want to do it. They don’t want to freak the kids out and make them unhappy. When it all began, Luna paraded in wearing her costume, like a big girl, got on stage and looked so ready to perform. However, once she realized there was a room full of strangers staring at her, she froze. She stood, center stage, with this look on her face for the entire 3 and half minute performance.

baby's first program
I guess she’s not quite ready for the limelight.

This weekend, we took a road-trip to Chattanooga with some of our best friends. We mostly ate and relaxed, but we got out and enjoyed the cool fall weather with our Halloween girl too.

halloween at coolidge park
Playing at Coolidge Park

halloween on the carousel

friends on Halloween
Good times with good people

We may not have done any actual trick-or-treating, but I still got us together for a themed costume!

Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and Tinkerbell costumes

Peter Pan Wendy and Tinkerbell

I’m already brainstorming for next year’s costumes! What did you do this year? I’d love to see everyone’s costumes!


*I just want to add that I ordered Luna’s Tinkerbell dress from an Etsy shop called All-Inclusive Designs. It fits size 2T-5T, it’s comfy, easy to wash and great quality. It was only $25 and so much better than anything I could find in a store. Plus, I know she’ll be able to play dress-up with it for years. This is not sponsored, I just seriously love this costume and would love to spread the word because it sucks to waste money on cheap costumes that don’t even make it through one holiday. So check out her shop and her Facebook page!

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