4th Annual Friend Photos

2015 annual friend photos

Well, I’m about 8 years behind on sharing life events on here, hence why I’m just now telling you about our 4th annual friend photo session that happened over a month ago. Once a year, during one of our Texas visits, my girlfriends and I get together for an annual group photo. We like to try and choose a different local (Southeast Texas local) photographers each year, and this year we went with Jacquelyn from Local Honey Photography.

Our little family Our family 2015

We started our annual photos in 2012 as a way to capture the beautiful relationships we have together, but also to start an annual event that will not only ensure that we always get together, but show how our families grow each year. Look at us 4 years ago…

2012 first annual friend photo
And we thought this was a huge group…

Now look at us, this year…

2015 annual friend photos
Now THIS is a big group.

Jacquelyn from Local Honey was AMAZING! She was so great with all of the kids, many of which were unhappy. She was quick, easy-going, great at telling us just what to do, but most impressively, she was able to do photos for all 4 families, friend photos, a large group photos and kids photos in just one hour!

my world in a photo

our sweet kids together
They are all growing way too fast!

We have been very lucky to always find photographers that do a great job and manage to make us look good and our kids look happy. It may be witchcraft, but it’s the good witch kind, like Glenda.

mommy daughter photo daddy daughter photo

This was the first year that our group photo didn’t grow in numbers. I don’t think this will last. SOMEONE is bound to have another kid, or two, in years to come. I suppose one day we will reach our max and then we will just be watching our kids grow each year… Not sure how I feel about that.

Our 2015 family photo
Nope. Not pregnant and no, I do not know if/when we will have another.
Luna Hazel
My whole heart

And to end this one, here’s some super cute candids Husband caught during the shoot.

our kids playing luna's silly face friends laughing

making kids smile
Doing our best to get all the kids to smile at the same time.

luna in the sunshine


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