Cheekwood has LIGHTS (and reindeer)!


cheekwood holiday lights

In the past month we have been to Chattanooga, Memphis, Texas and are currently (this very moment) on the way to Georgia. In the midst of all the road trips we also had some of our favorite friends come spend a week with us in Nashville. It’s been so crazy here that I haven’t had much spare time to share our ridiculous adventures. So, here I am, writing in the passenger’s seat, hoping to share some of the crazy with you!

While our friends were here we hit up A LOT of Nashville holiday attractions. The one I was most excited about was Cheekwood’s Holiday LIGHTS. I don’t know how we have never been before, but going with my guests seemed like just the right time to check it out. After all, I love showing off my town to visitors!

friends and lights

We arrived not long after it opened on the “Member’s only” night. I naively assumed this would be a slow night (and maybe it was). However, I was not prepared for the crowd. We had to park pretty far away, not that I mind. I’m always excited to get more steps on my fitbit. After hiking to the entrance with strollers and diaper bags in tow, we were immediately swept up in the holiday feels… lights everywhere, carols playing, hot chocolate being served and a chill in the air. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Both toddlers were happily riding a long and taking in the lights. We strolled the sidewalks and followed the arrows that told us exactly which way to go to see all the hot spots. We packed pb&j’s and snacks to hold the kids over when they got a little hungry (worked like a charm) and mostly kept them entertained with all the pretty lights.

lights on the water

Sadly, Santa is only visiting Cheekwood on weekends, so we missed him. Also, I hate to say it, but the reindeer were a real disappointment. Maybe it’s because I was a little too excited about seeing them? Maybe it was that they were in a gated area, surrounded by a second gate? Or, maybe they just looked like really sad reindeer? Either way, it was not the magical reindeer photo op I thought it would be.

poor sad reindeer

Luna had two favorite things. One, being the giant poinsettia tree inside the mansion. I could not pull her away. She insisted on leaning against it and saying “Cheeeeeeese!” over and over and over again. She is in at least 15 other families’ photos. Her most favorite part? The train. Oh em gee….the outdoor train set at Cheekwood is so cool! The whole set is amazing. It’s all made with things found in nature. The train itself has real bells and whistles and will keep Luna’s attention FOREVER.

luna and the tree looking at trains

If you plan on checking on the LIGHTS and Holiday events  be sure to bring some cash for cookies and drinks, coats, gloves, hats and your camera! I forgot gloves for Luna and the poor baby told me “Mama, cold hands” on repeat the last ten minutes we were there. Of course, if I had remembered to bring them she never would have worn them. Oh the joys….

merry christmas

LIGHTS runs every night from 5pm-10pm (except Christmas), until January 3rd!

lights at cheekwood

What holiday lights will you be checking out this year?


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