Taking My Toddler To See Ice at Opryland

ice at opryland

Ice! is back in Nashville as a part of Opryland’s Country Christmas festivities. This year’s theme? The Nutcracker. Dates? Now through January 2nd. Am I about to review this year’s experience? Yup. Did I love it, like I love most Nashville adventures and events? Nope. And here’s why…

ice featuring the nutcracker

We have been to Ice! a million times (approximately). We love it. Every year gets better. They’ve added colored ice, more slides, more rooms, a bigger gift shop, more food, a train ride, ice skating and the list goes on and on. It’s been a fun holiday tradition of ours and we typically take out of town friends and family with us. Which, is a big reason why this year was extra disappointing.

nutrcacker ballerina ice


It was so very short. It took us 15 minutes max to get through (and that’s with looking at everything AND Luna getting stuck on the slide and having a major meltdown). The worst part? It costs $27/adult and comes with nothing, but your pass to see Ice. We had to pay an extra $3 for our tots to ride the tiny train that goes in a circle. Honestly, they would have been beyond thrilled had we just done that and skipped the ice exhibit.

ice slide opryland

Don’t get me wrong, the ice is beautiful! The ballerina sculptures are some of the best work I’ve seen over the years. I took some extra time to soak up the details in their carefully carved costumes. Perhaps, that’s why it’s so much shorter this year? I don’t know, but it was clear to us veterans that this year’s exhibit was missing a lot. What’s worse, is that our friends, who have never been, came out asking “Is that it?”

train ride

Look, I love Opryland this time of year. The decorations and lights inside the hotel are totally worth the traffic and the parking. You can walk around for hours with the whole family, for free. I just can’t recommend you spend your money on Ice! this year… I just can’t. Even though, I will still go back next year with hopes that it will be back to it’s normal magical experience. I’ll let you know how it goes.

mommy daughter

Anyone else attempt Ice! this year?


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