My New Favorite Rainy Day Playdate

museum playdate

While my friends from Texas were visiting we spent the majority of our time finding cool local activities that not only entertained, us but also entertained our toddlers. There seem to be unlimited outdoor activities and locations that keep both adults and kids’ attentions alike. The struggle was when the weather was too cold or rainy and we had to find an indoor location to explore. One popular Nashville attraction that really surpassed our expectations was the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

children's room at the frist

We arrived on a rainy weekday morning expecting the worst and hoping for the best with our little ones. Both were already acting fussy and we all assumed taking tots to an art museum was a disaster waiting to happen. As we entered the exhibits on the first floor they were mostly calm. The kids seemed happy as we strolled them around. Sure, there was talking and a few excited bursts, but overall, they were good. In fact, no one else seemed to mind their chitter chatter either.

mommy daughter at art museum

However, boredom set in quickly, and we decided to head upstairs to the Martin ArtQuest Gallery. This is the children’s gallery and it is the bomb. It is a really large interactive space with 30 hands-on stations. Your kids (and yourself!) can make so many unique creations. My friends, myself and our kids definitely spent the majority of our time here, and I don’t regret one second of it.

painting at the frist

Luna LOVED painting, coloring, drawing, playing with the kaleidoscope computer program and building with the magnetic blocks. Her buddy, Orion even made a fancy stop-motion dinosaur movie. There is just so much to do for everyone of all ages. You can make prints, collages, learn about patterns and textures, and the stations change periodically so it’s not like you’ll get bored with more visits.

luna learning to draw

We really loved our visit and were so thankful it turned out to be a great rainy day activity for us and the kids. I’ll be putting the Frist in my list of “what to do this winter with Luna “. Oh and BTW their cafe has some yummy food, but you can also pack your owm lunches to eat I’m the cafeteria.

What do you guys plan to do in the rainy/cold/snowy days this season?

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  1. These photos are wonderful!

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