Becoming a Toddler: Luna is Two

Today, Luna is two. Two years ago, was Luna’s not-so-magical arrival. In fact, it was more traumatic than magical, but definitely worth every heart-breaking moment. Then last year, after what felt like a couple of months, she turned one and it seemed as if she could not get any better. (I mean she could sleep more, but otherwise she was pretty awesome.) Today, she’s two, and boy did we both learn and grow a lot in the last 365 days.

Around Luna’s first birthday, I was in line at Starbucks when a woman with her two school-aged children behind me asked about Luna’s age. I smiled, answered and waited for the “enjoy it while it lasts” comments I typically receive, when she surprised me. She said, “Oh, well you should know, it just gets better.” I must have looked surprised because she followed up by explaining that she is always sad and a little scared about her children getting older, but each year it just gets better and more fun. It’s one of the nicest thing another parent has ever said to me and  I think of it very often.

It’s true, as all the repetitive parents’ Facebook statuses say, they grow up so fast and it is so sad! They go from baby to toddler in the blink of an eye and we are left wondering, where the hell did the time go? I refused to call Luna a “toddler” for the longest time. She’s my baby for goodness sake! I am constantly in awe of what she does and says each day. I still watch the video I made of her first year and cry. She was so little and so bald! I miss that little chunk that loved being swaddled and sang to sleep. However, that random Starbucks Mom was right… so far it has only gotten better.

Luna rocks. Two years ago, one year and even a month ago, I held her and thought she just couldn’t get any cuter/sweeter/funnier and I was wrong each time. Now, my toddler girl loves to sing and take gymnastics class. She asks me to “turn on the moosic”. Then says, “come dance Mama!” as she grabs my hand. Luna knows her GranDude, Wendy, Honey and PawPaw and asks for them by name. She has favorite characters and babies that she takes care of and puts “night night”. She begs me to “snuggle Wuna”. She loves waking up Dada in the morning, taking “dada showeis” and forcing us both to read 2,000 books every night. She may not be an infant, but she’s the world’s cutest toddler and brings us more joy and laughs than we ever imagined.

Last year, I made a video montage of Luna’s first year, and I decided I had to do another for her second year. I chose Macklemore’s Growing Up for this year’s song because a) Husband and I both love the lyrics and b) we are big Macklemore fans. I mean, how can a collaboration between Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Ed Sheeran not be the perfect song?

So, here it is…a look at Luna’s second year. The year she went from baby to toddler right before our very eyes.

Happy 2nd birthday baby girl.


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  1. I’m sobbing!

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