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You may have noticed I’ve been MIA on the blog for a while. (You have noticed, right?) Anyway, I plan to change that ASAP, but before I can get back to my regular blogging style, I wanted to at least give you a semi-good excuse for disappearing and also tell you where you can find me these days.

Besides all the holiday hub-bub over the last couple of months, Husband has been working an insane amount of hours, like INSANE,  for a few months now. It’s great for business, and I do not want to complain. It’s just harder than normal to find the time to do anything other than feed Luna, do laundry and keep woodpeckers from tearing our house down.

mommin' ain't easy
found this gem from Thug Life Shirts

I’ve been working part-time for a doctor also. I only work when Luna is at Mother’s Day Out, so it’s a pretty sweet deal. However, it’s become a challenge and a guilt-trip to get chores, cooking, errands, writing, anything, etc done after I pick-up Luna from school. I really don’t know how full-time working parents do it. Color me impressed. Husband, has been missing Luna so much while he is a work that he actually installed a Nest Cam in our living room so he can watch her playing. But, back to me, if you want to see some of what I do work, you can follow us on Facebook.

working hard
Working with my BFF

I’ve probably mentioned this at some point, but I’ve also been busy writing for The Nashville Mom. The Nashville Mom is a blog that began as a way to connect with other Nashville parents and share ideas, tips and great local family-friendly finds. It is locally focused, but it’s also grown a lot and offers ideas for Moms and Dads everywhere too. Here’s my latest piece.

the nashville mom

And, in case you’re curious about our latest adventures… We’ve been half-marathon training (which is life-consuming), the Zoo Run, Luna’s second birthday, a trip to Mexico, lots of snow, gymnastic classes, Husband in the New York Times, a trip to Atlanta and a lot of coffee in the midst of the fun. If you’ve missed me, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. I’ve actually managed to keep those updated!

family in mexico
Just some family fun in Playa Del Carmen

See you soon with plenty more adventures, and anxiety too!


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