A New York Memory

nyc memories

You KNOW I couldn’t have just one New York post, right? After four days in the city, we made too many memories to not share a few.

swings in Central Park

Luna managed to spot every playground within a 50 foot radius of her, which meant we spent about 85% of our trip pushing her on swings.  At one point, I had to answer a phone call, but when I hung up, I just sat and watched Husband and Luna play for a while. While living in New York, we would talk about how fun it would be to raise a kid in the city, take them to Central Park and and grow up as a city kid. We ended up choosing the country life, but for a brief moment, I was able to imagine what life may have been like, had we made a different choice.

macaroons from Laduree

We walked between 10 and 15 miles everyday we were in NYC, and we made up for all that exercise by stopping and treating ourselves every chance we got. One of the best spots for dessert is Laduree. Nothing like a little Parisian snack break…especially while Luna was napping.

toddler subway ride

Luna was OBSESSED with every form of public transportation, especially the trains. On one train, she decided to make friends with a woman who was on her way home from work as a pediatric nurse. Luna climbed out of her stroller and set next to the complete stranger and talked to her like they were old friends. In fact, Luna made a new friend every time we got on the train.

victory garden ice cream

The morning of our last day, I climbed in bed with Luna and asked her what she wanted to do for her last day in New York. She looked right at me and said, “Ummm, I want eggs and ice cream!” Easy enough. We had eggs for breakfast and as promised, we stopped for ice cream that afternoon. Unfortunately, she was sleeping when we got to Victory Garden. A friend of mine had recently told me about the all-goat’s-milk soft serve ice cream parlor and I just had to try it. (No lactose and it was REALLY REALLY delicious BTW!)

toddler ice cream

Of course, by the time Luna woke up, the ice cream was gone and I felt a little guilty. I decided to get her an ice cream cone at the closest ice cream truck and asked for small cone… this is what I got. Luna was beyond thrilled. Husband was not.

toddler at the MET

At the MET, Luna insisted on walking as opposed to riding in her stroller. It’s slightly nerve racking to walk around one of the world’s most famous museums with your toddler. The phrase “that’s not for touching, only looking!” was used about 587 times. The best part was when we entered the section of European Statues and Luna pointed to every giant naked man statue and said, “That’s Uncy Dick!”. We made sure to send a video to our friend Derek, AKA “Uncy Dick”.

double fisting toddler

We took Luna to Alice’s Tea Cup for brunch one day, which is adorable, but Luna was too young to appreciate it. However, she did enjoy her pb&j with her milk AND water, which she decided to drink at the same time. It looked disgusting, but we let her because what was it hurting? That is until, we saw that the milk was going in her mouth through one straw and out her mouth through the other straw, mixing the water and milk together. It was repulsive. So, like any other good parent, we immortalized it with a photo. Cheese!

NYC, you never disappoint! Can’t wait until the next visit!


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