My Adventures with Zelda

Legends of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses came to Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center last night.  A group of us went to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

I know what you are all thinking… OF COURSE, Hilarie, of all people, went to see Legends of Zelda at they symphony! Duh! Well, if you are thinking that you clearly do not read my blog. I have zero interest in video games. Unless it involves something cool, like learning to use the Wii, or virtual reality games, or shopping for my Husband’s birthday gifts. Even then, it only holds my interest for a max of 7 minutes. However, when I am invited to a birthday event, I attend. Likewise, when I am invited to the Symphony, I show up. Even more so, when I am invited to an event that calls for a themed outfit, I deliver.

Zelda Nashville Symphony

Before last night’s symphony, my friend, Bella, and I googled “Zelda” and saw this image…

Zelda Link

Easy enough. We put together green dresses, brown boots, brown belts and voila!

Zelda at Symphony
Sorry, best pic I got!

I met up with Husband before the show and this conversation happened…

Husband: Aww, you look cute!

Me: Thanks, I’m afraid my look came out more “Nashville tourist” than “Zelda”.

Husband: No, you look like Zelda! I mean, you look like Link, but you know what I mean.

Me: Who’s Link?

Husband: …the character you are dressed as…?

Me: No. I’m dressed like Zelda. I googled it.

Husband: No. The little green elf is Link, the main character.

Me: The main character isn’t Zelda?!

Husband: No, Zelda is the princess.

Me: There’s a princess and I dressed like an elf?!

Husband: You’re going to get us  kicked out.

legends of zelda at the symphony

For the record, we didn’t get kicked out.  Even more surprisingly, I LOVED the show. The fact that we had box seats definitely made the experience more exciting and glamorous, but the show itself was great! They played video game clips on a huge screen while the orchestra and chorus played and sang the music from one of the world’s most famous video games. I may have not known the songs, but I did enjoy them.

box seats at the symphony

Three drinks didn’t hurt either.



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