Adventures at Home

toddler playing in the creek

*I wrote this post a couple of months ago, just as spring was arriving, and just never got around to sharing it. I guess the beginning of summer is just as good a time to talk about the start of spring! Enjoy!

adventures at home

Husband and I strive to make our lives full of adventure. Whether it’s traveling abroad, riding roller coasters or exploring a Tennessee cave, we are ready and willing to do just about anything.  Having Luna has made our adventures (especially spontaneous ones) a little more challenging, but it’s also opened our world to little adventures we never even considered. Luna has been fortunate enough to travel and explore with us, but who knew she’d be taking us on adventures too? Sometimes a simple trip to a local park becomes a hunt for leaves, a trip through tunnels and slides and a game of picking and smelling the most flowers. As I typed that last sentence, I realized how lame I sound (especially if you don’t have kids, but bear with me.) This weekend we had a messy and wild adventure with Luna in our own front yard.

little cowgirl

Lately, leaves are returning to our trees, flowers are blooming, pollen is spreading and the rain has started….Hello spring! Last week, we had some AMAZINGLY warm and sunny weather, after a few days of rain storms. On Sunday afternoon, the stream in  our front yard was flowing and Luna was itching to get as muddy as possible.

playing in the creek toddler playing in the creek

It all began as I was working in our flower beds. Luna wanted to “help” by stomping in every puddle she could find and Husband wanted to help by walking her down to the stream that runs through our front yard.

playing in the creek with daddy

creek playing

It very quickly turned into an afternoon of naked toddler fun. The three of us spent the afternoon splashing through puddles, wading in the stream and crossing over fallen trees. It wasn’t exactly a wild adventure, but it’s an adventure we never would have had, if not for Luna. Sure, she makes traveling (and life in general) a bit more challenging, but she also makes every day a new adventure. Adventure is everywhere, it’s just up to us to find it.

adventure is out there


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  1. So sweet and true!

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      Thanks Amy!

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