The Taste of Summer

the taste of summer

So, in case I hadn’t mentioned it before, I quit my job a few weeks ago. No big deal. It was a part-time gig and I only worked when Luna was in school. However, with summer coming up I didn’t want to have to find a sitter three times a week. I want to soak up these short summer months with Luna, and most likely start looking to get back into the education field once fall rolls around…or maybe focus more on writing? The point is, I am so very thankful to have the option to be a full-time stay at home Mom. My goal for the summer is to make everyday (or part of the day) an adventure. Some days that means theme parks, some days it means a trip to the art museum and other days it means turning Luna’s bedroom into a hospital for baby dolls. (We’ve been quarantined to the house for a few days with nasty colds. Get me out of here!!!) Recently, our adventures took us to Wagner Berry Farms.

strawberry popsicle

Our first trip to Wagner Berry Farm was last year, and I fell in love with the place. It’s about 45 minutes from our house, but SO worth the trip!  I knew it would be a place to visit every year. This year we went with some family and we all picked and picked and picked until not one more berry could fit in our baskets.

picking strawberries

Well, we didn’t just pick…we also taste tested. The owners of Wagner Berry Farm are the friendliest people and they encourage everyone to taste the berries and see if there’s a type you like best. Luna equally liked all the berries.

strawberry snacking

I picked a strawberries and raspberries, and came home with about 10 pounds of fresh berries. There is just nothing better than eating a ripe warm berry from the garden. It tastes like summer. I meant to save some strawberries for jam or baking, but we somehow managed to them in a couple of days. Woops.

fresh strawberry

Last year Luna just ate both red and green berries while I picked, but this year she was able to actually help me pick them and fill the basket. I’m hoping this will be a annual tradition for us.

running through strawberry fields

We also bought homemade strawberry popsicles, loved on the farm dogs and chased a few chickens. It was afternoon full of sweet sweet memories.

basket of berries

Very soon blueberries and blackberries will be ready to pick! Maybe this time I’ll save few berries for muffins, pancakes, popsicles or something. Or, maybe not.

If you live near a berry picking farm, I highly recommend taking advantage of it! What are some of your summer traditions?


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