Adventures in Pittsburgh (and why road trips are worth it)

Luna and her Great Grandma's painting

adventures in pittsburgh

We travel as a family  A LOT and I am often being asked why and how we do it. Traveling with kids can be a challenge and is certainly more daunting than traveling alone or with another adult, but it is not only doable, it’s worth it. I’m not just talking international or big cross-country trips either. Taking an 8-hour road trip to visit some relatives you don’t get to see often enough will ALWAYS be worth the trip. We have family all over of the place, and while we’ve always missed seeing them during special occasions, that feeling is exacerbated now that we have Luna. I want Luna to know her family, and even more, I want them to know her. Sometimes, the only way to make this possible is to travel and travel often.

carnegie art museum
Exploring the Carnegie Art Museum, hand in hand.

One of our recent road trips was to Pittsburgh to see Luna’s Great Grandparents and some more extended family that we love dearly.  Did we enjoy traveling with a toddler for 9+ hours both ways? No. Did we love sharing a room with our two-year old that goes to bed at 7pm? No way. Was it fun to pack, unpack, clean and re-organize all of the family’s luggage? Nope. Truth is, there are a lot of crappy things about long trips with family, but the crap is far out weighed by the memories you’ll make. Promise.

great Grandpa
Luna and her Tut Tut posing in front of her GG’s painting

The weekend we traveled to Pittsburgh was the weekend that one of Luna’s Great Grandma’s paintings was put on display at the Carnegie Museum of Art. It was a lot of fun to be there for opening night, but a certain toddler was trying her best to make the show all about her.

Luna and her Great Grandma's painting
Luna and her Great Grandma’s painting

Besides rolling around on the floor, dancing and running through the crowd, Luna also had fun playing Peek-a-boo under the table while the awards were being given out.

playing peekaboo

Beyond the art museum, we didn’t do a lot of sight seeing this time around. We spent a most of our time with family. We cooked and ate and played the majority of our trip. It filled my heart for Luna to spend so much time with her family, who loves her so much.

great grandparents house
Can anyone spot Husband??

Luna had art lessons from Great Grandma, convinced her 86 year old Great Grandpa to go down a very old rickety slide so she could “catch him” and had a lovely nap in a room filled with art and sunbeams.

painting with great grandma tuttut on a slide napping at great grandparents

You just can’t make these kind of memories by staying home. I need this reminder myself…we have another long road trip to Hilton Head coming up in a couple of weeks.

Do any of you travel to visit family? Where do you go? Do you drive or fly? Tell me all about you trips in the comments!

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  1. Girl you know we travel… So worth it to keep your family connected! ❤️

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  4. The Burgh seems to have ended up with all the great elements of other cities; It is full of texture, of a gritty hard-working past that has the benefits of having rolling hills, waterways, unique landscapes and cityscapes, friendly people, a huge sporting culture and a great sense of pride.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      Yes, I agree. It offers so much more than I expected!

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