The World’s Best Gilmore Girls Tees

in omnia paratus shirt

I may be 31, but I have yet to grow out of the “graphic tee” phase of life. In fact, at this point, it’s probably a permanent staple of my wardrobe. With the help of some super creative Instagram shops, my clever graphic tee collection just seems to keep growing. Over the last few months, I have discovered a multitude of “fan girl” shops that are constantly coming out with new tees (and more) that represent some of my favorite obsessions… Disney, Harry Potter, Coffee, Mom life AND Gilmore Girls. I must admit, there are a handful of Disney and Mom Life shops that I adore, but when it comes to Gilmore Girls, there is one shop that outranks the rest.

gilmore girls shirts

Let me introduce you to Kindred Handicrafts.

I have been stalking this shop for a few months now, trying to determine which tee I like best (still undetermined BTW, there’s too many good ones!) I want to share a few with you, but also give you a quick review on them, before you order one yourself.

well what is much shirt
I was trying so hard to speed read some of “the Girl in the Spider’s Web” while this was being taken.

These shirts our super soft and comfy. I’ve washed mine a few times each already and they have all kept their color, softness and shape. For me, this is huge. I’ve ordered many shirts online that shrink and fit all funky after a couple of washes.

what she tackles she conquers shirt

Let’s talk about the people behind Kindred Handicrafts for a minute… These parents and creators design and print each shirt themselves. They use the best quality tees and tanks, water-based (environmentally friendly) ink and all “green” and non-toxic materials. This company is a true labor of love for them and it shows in their products.

in omnia paratus shirt

Oh, and they make more than just t-shirts! They make frame-able prints and note cards too. In fact, I ordered my mother-in-law a set of the note cards for Mother’s Day and I am super jealous of them. I want them all!

well what is much tee

I have had my shirts a few weeks now and already worn the heck out of them. Here, I’ve tried to show how they can be worn many different ways too. I only wish I could show them all! Do yourself a favor and check out their Kindred Handicrafts shop yourself. There are fitted tees, tanks, slouchy tees, kids tees and prints. They range in size S – XXL and a variety of colors (you can custom order too!)

what she tackles she conquers tee

Besides wearing mine on any regular day, I have BIG plans to wear one (maybe a new one) on November 25th! G  Day! 

(In case you are unaware…this is the day that the Gilmore Girls Revival is going to be released on Netflix. Also, we can’t be friends anymore.)

in omnia paratus tee
You jump, I jump Jack.

So, which shirt do you plan on ordering?


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