The Sweetest Pumpkin Patch Ever

the sweetest pumpkin patch ever


We love our town. LOVE it. Franklin, TN is my idea of an ideal American town. We have the cutest downtown area and Main St, complete with coffee shops, a theater, boutiques and lots of yummy local restaurants. Our neighbors bake each other cookies, borrow tools and take walks through the neighborhood together. The parks are always full of families and kids running around and playing games. We have tons of historical sites and local businesses, BUT we also have big chain necessities like Starbucks and Target. PLUS, we have the sweetest pumpkin patch EVER!

Gentry Farm is family run and has been family owned for over 165 years. Everyone working there seems to be part of the family. Everyone I talk to is either an aunt, cousin, child or grandparent in the family. It’s adorable. They are also super sweet! The entire farm and pumpkin patch feels so nostalgic and welcoming. It’s also right down the street from our house, so it’s practically perfect in every way.

annual gentry farm photo
Gotta take the annual family photo!

Peter and I visited the farm a couple of times before we had Luna and had a blast, but bringing her makes the experience even better. They have lots of activities for every age, and I love that Luna is interested in new things each time we go. This year, she was really digging the swings. In fact, I had to bribe her to leave them.

tire swing gentry farm


My favorite part is always walking around, people watching and talking to Mr. Gentry. Mr. Gentry and I have much in common. He may be 60 something years older than me (that’s right, he’s in his nineties), but we were both born on Thanksgiving, we both have dogs names Belle and we can both rock a pair of overalls. Mr. Gentry is so friendly. He loves talking to everyone who comes by, sharing his stories and even his artwork! He has been drawing cartoons for basically his entire life and gives out his drawing to whomever would like them.

Mr. Gentry's drawings

There’s much more to the pumpkin patch festivies too…hayrides, corn mazes, farm animals, playgrounds, concessions and tons more. You could spend all day, especially if you pack a picnic.

the munchkin maze teepee corn-fun-pumpkin-patch

Then, the best part, is the pumpkin patch!!! They have plenty of various pumpkins to purchase near the activities, but I prefer picking them from the actual patch. They may not be perfectly shaped or clean, but it’s so fun to walk through the patch and choose the pumpkins we like, right off the vine.

mommy-picking-pumpkins picking-a-pumpkin

All that’s left now is to have our annual carving competition!

What fall traditions does your family enjoy?


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