The Best Gifts for Toddlers (and kids)

gift guide for toddlers

A favorite relative of mine recently emailed me asking for a wishlist for Luna, which to be honest, I hadn’t thought much about this year. We try not to buy Luna much for Christmas (from us) because a) she’s a toddler and doesn’t care, and b) I don’t want her to be in the habit of expecting a million “Santa” gifts. However, I am not at all opposed to her being spoiled by friends and family. To help said friends and family, I began making a list of ideas for Luna and thought, I’d share some of my favorite ideas with my fav readers.

I’ve put together a guide of awesome gifts you actually want your toddler to have that are useful, fun, educational, active and won’t drive you nuts! (Of course, I’ve added some special travel themed and calming-type gifts too!)

gift guide for toddlers

– First, the “hip and historical” graphic tees from Wee Rascals.  Luna has had a couple of these tees over the last couple of years and I still want more. They are great quality, and who doesn’t love a strong historical figure represented on a kid’s tee?? Move over Rapunzel, Joan of Arc is our new obsession! (And you know I’m in love with the “adventure awaits” quote.)

wee rascal tee

– I always want more children’s books for Luna, especially from Parnassus Books (a really fantastic local bookstore). Honestly, Luna has more books than anyone I know, but you can never have too many books, right? #futurerorygilmore

-A matching game, preferably the Curious George matching game. I think she’s finally a good age for board games!

– Magna Tiles. Enough said. Have you heard of these? I have, from just about every parent I know. Everyone’s talking about them because they are magnetic clear colored blocks that you can use to create tons of 3D images, and are way easier to clean up than legos.

magna tiles– A gift for her AND for me: a toddler Dyson vacuum cleaner that really sucks! Alright, to be honest. Luna hasn’t asked for this, but yall…it’s a kid vacuum that actually sucks up dust!

– I taught preschool yoga for a couple of years and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s amazing how well the kids take to yoga and the effect it has on their attitude and concentration. I don’t do enough yoga with Luna, which is why I’m adding these Yoga Pretzel cards and Good Night Yoga book to her list.

– And for a fancy educational, yet entertaining, toy, the Leap Frog LeapPad 3 Learning Tablet

– A Hug-A-World, because I love this Rory and Lorelei memory . Plus, Luna and I will have a new way to plan our trips!

Rory hug a world

– I particularly like these Kids Around the World Play People because they are diverse, teach about people around the world, and Luna really loves playing with little figurines.

– A balance bike. Luna’s “Honey and PawPaw” have already claimed this great gift!

– A costume from Mom Approved Costumes. I’ve talked about this company before… it’s created by a Mom who wanted reasonably priced, quality costumes for her kids, and that’s exactly what she made! These costumes last, can be washed and dried and are way cuter than the crappy ones sold around Halloween. Right now, I have my eye on the Tiana dress. It’s the prettiest, in my opinon, plus Luna is a huge Princess Tiana fan at the moment.

princess tiana dress

– Memberships! Last year, we asked for “memberships” for Luna’s birthday and we got not one, but THREE amazing local memberships and they have been the best gifts that just keep on giving. Luna got the Nashville Zoo Membership, the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens Membership and the Frist Art Museum Membership. Check out the local museums, zoos, gardens and kid’s centers in your town! I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a membership and not have to worry about tickets or parking each time we go, which is often.

nashville zoo

– Another favorite gift idea of mine is an activity or lesson. Last year, my parents paid for a few months of gymnastics and Luna loved it so much that we’ve kept her in it. This year we are signing her up for ballet as her Christmas present from us. She has been obsessed with ballet lately and I’m excited to see her start class in January! There’s also music, art, foreign language, ice skating, soccer, swimming and a myriad of other activities for kids!

little gymnast

– Finally, why not get them tickets to a special event of show? We are lucky to have lots of special events around Nashville this time of year. We enjoy going to ICE! at Opryland every year, but one year I’d love to take Luna to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Grand Ole Opry too. I also love the Nashville Ballet’s Nutcracker. It gets better and better each year. Luna hasn’t been, but I think she might be a good age to start going.

how the grinch stole christmas musical

What are you getting for your kids/nieces/nephews/grandchildren/neighborhood brats this year? Are there any creative ideas on your lists? Let me know in the comments and show me some Christmas love by liking and sharing this if you enjoyed it!


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  1. Misti Sanchez says: Reply

    I love the membership idea! Miles just got some magna tiles. He loves them.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      Aren’t they so cool?! I’d love for Luna to have some. It seems like a toy they’d play with for a long time too.

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