Holiday Lights at Cheekwood

looking at Cheekwood lights


For the second year, we got to go to Nashville’s Cheekwood Holiday Lights and it did not disappoint. I knew after last year, that I wanted Lights to be part of our family Christmas traditions. Honestly, Nashville is so full of Holiday fun that I could fill everyday in our calendar with events (and almost have…). However, Lights, is one event I hope we never have to miss!

Cheekwood Holiday Lights

The botanical gardens are gorgeous year round, which is why we really get our money’s worth with our membership, but there is something magical about walking through the gardens at night as they are lit up with with bright Christmas lights. Everyone’s face seems to glow in the light and you can’t help, but feel the “Christmas spirit”. The lit up archway and tunnel of lights, candy cane trees and floating Christmas trees over the water are always a highlight.

hiding Luna
So chilly she has to hide in her coat, or maybe she’s just tired of taking photos…

This year was WAY colder than last, so we spent the extra cash on hot cocoa for everyone, and also spent some extra time in the Cheekwood mansion. The mansion is, of course, decked out in Christmas decorations too. There’s the giant 100 foot tall (I might be slightly exaggerating) poinsettia tree and the best part… the parlor full of Dickens-style carolers. Every room is picture worthy, and most importantly, warm.

luna and the tree
In awe of all the beautiful decor

Luna’s favorites are the real live reindeer and, obviously, the outdoor train. We can’t ever go to Cheekwood without spending the majority of our time watching the trains. I admit, they are pretty cool.

the carolers
fa la la la la

A few tips before you go to Lights? (or any outdoor holiday event)

– Bring your own hot chocolate and snacks. It will save you money and time waiting in the long cold line.

-Dress warm! Think, gloves, hats, coats, layers, blankets and even those little hand-warmers.

– Get there as early as possible. Parking can be a bit crazy.

-Don’t forget the stroller and stroller blanket.

-Buy your tickets before you get there.

– Go on Sundays if you want the kids to see Santa.

– Don’t forget the camera!

If you plan on heading to Cheekwood Lights this holiday season, they are open from Tuesday-Sunday from 5pm – 10pm. Find out more info here!

friends and the poinsettia tree
the crew




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