Christmas in the Bayou


Happy post-holidays friends! We are currently driving home from Texas to Tennessee…Luna is snoozing (Christmas miracle!), Husband is driving and the dog is actually sitting in the backseat, so I’m going to take advantage of this time kinda-to-myself and sleep. BAHAHAHAH Just kidding! Mom’s never sleep. Am I right? No, I’m going to take this time to share some special Christmas in the Bayou stories.

Christmas on the bayou

Since our families are a bit spread out, we trade off major holidays between families and this year was Texas’s turn to have is for the holidays. My parents live right in between Texas and Louisiana, and right on a Bayou. It’s never a white Christmas (and rarely a chilly one), but it’s special all the same.

There’s the regular Christmas traditions, family gatherings, cookie baking and decorating, stocking stuffers and holiday movie marathons, but we throw in some southern/Cajun charm to the mix. There’s seafood gumbo and potato salad for Christmas dinner. Homemade Spicy Texas Trash (Chex mix) is the number one treat. We take nice walks in the sunshine, ride on the side-by-side and some people even spend the holidays in their beach cabin.

shrimp gumbo
This little cajun gal loved her shrimp gumbo!
christmas cookies
decorating and building gingerbread houses with friends

The weather itself is basically a tradition. No one gets a new sled or wakes up in the morning looking for a white Christmas, but we often get to spend the day playing outside with new toys; no coats needed. This year Luna and my nephew got to ride bikes, play with Wubble Bubbles, learn some baseball and, of course, take LOTS of rides on PawPaw’s side-by-side!

ride on the balance bike
Who doesn’t love a bike ride in their ballet outfit?

learning baseball

Our rides on the side-by-side (or ride-by-side as the toddler’s say) go on wild adventures through the marshy bayou. We look for lions and monsters and hold on tight because “Daddy drives so bouncy!”

side-by-side ride
Christmas Eve ride on the side-by-side

This year was an extra special celebration, not only because I’m expecting baby #2, but so is my sister. She’s five weeks ahead of me and everyone is pumped about having two new grand-babies so close together! We found out before Christmas that she is having a boy! Now, just a bit longer until we found out what we are having…Any guesses??

pregnant sisters

And, of course, one of my fav traditions is taking “friend pictures” with some of the best girls I’ll ever know. This year was kind of crummy because one fourth of us had to miss (sick kids), but we will make up for it next time. I’ll talk lots more about these photos when the final product comes back from Simone!

It’s always hard to leave after a great visit, but I’m very thankful for the time we do get to spend together. Hope you all had a great holiday full of fun traditions, good food and good people!



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  1. I want what you had for Christmas Eve dinner!

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