A Day for Just Me and My Girl

me and my girl

Yesterday, I decided to dedicate the entire day to spending quality time with Luna. Now, if you are like my Husband, you are probably saying What? Don’t you spend all day everyday with your daughter??? Technically, yes, I do. However, I spend most of the day multi-tasking and giving Luna just part of my attention. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only parent who attempts to clean, cook dinner, work and spend time with my kid at the same time. I am often setting up a craft for Luna and then stepping aside to answer a phone call, start dinner or put away the dishes.  With a baby boy on the horizon I have been acutely aware of just how little time it will be just me and my girl. All of a sudden, our time together has become so sentimental, and yesterday I felt the need to make a full day of giving her my undivided attention.

a day for just me and my girl

First on the list for our day of together-fun was ballet class. Today is only Luna’s second ballet class and I am still shocked her excitement and willingness to just run into class without ever looking back. I have never seen her as excited as she was the first day of class. First words out of her mouth when she woke up that morning were, I need my ballet dress now! Thankfully, her dance studio has a TV in the waiting area that allows us to watch them in class. This girl hasn’t missed a beat, in fact she likes to add a few moves of her own. I also find it comforting that Honest Coffee Roaster and Five Daughters Bakery are both located right around the corner.

little ballerina
The moment she opened her ballet outfit on Christmas morning, she insisted on wearing it.

Next on the list? A new story-time location. We are pretty loyal to story-time at the magical, and very popular, Brentwood Library, but today I thought, why not venture out to Leiper’s Fork? I just learned they have a library and I was pretty excited to check it out. When Luna and I walked into the tiny one-room library and saw the little old lady sitting in the back reading to just 5 other children, I got a little nervous…what am I getting us into??? I gave it a chance though, and was so so so pleasantly surprised. It was probably the best library story-time experience EVER. This “little old lady” was the BEST! She has to be a retired elementary school teacher. She not only had puppets, music, an art project, fun activities and great books, but she sang and dance the “Tooty Ta” with the kids! It just doesn’t get better than that”!

Thanks to the magic of technology, we got to pick up our groceries in just a matter of minutes after story-time. In fact, I actually ordered my groceries in the car on the way home from Pittsburgh yesterday. God, I love Kroger and technology. I don’t always order my groceries online and have them brought to my car, but when we are traveling all weekend it is such a wonderful and time-saving option!

And, since we’re already out AND it’s lunch time, might as well eat a quick lunch out of tacos, beans and rice before nap time. Yay, for no dishes or kitchen to clean! Also, does anyone else tend to pick up food or eat out right after buying groceries?? I am guilty of this 99% of the time.

groceries and pizza

After Luna’s nap time, I let her pick the afternoon activities. She chose bike riding first. For the first time, she decided to give her balance bike a chance for longer than 10 minutes. In fact, we spent almost an hour playing outside and “riding” her bike. Of course, she had to have her purse with her the entire time…

learning to ride a balance bike

After dinner, we had a nice bath, played with some toys and watched most of Pocahontas together before bedtime. She picked out two of her favorite books to read and laid her head on my shoulder as I read each line. I even waited for her to fall asleep before I got up and tackled the dishes.

It wasn’t easy to leave her room and notice the messy house I ignored all day. There were dishes, laundry, random toys lying around and so much more that needed to be done, but it’s okay. Those messes can wait. My little girl is getting older every second and while I can’t dedicate everyday to doing whatever she wants, it’s really nice to have a special “mother daughter day” every so often. I love that hotmess princess of mine.



8 Replies to “A Day for Just Me and My Girl”

  1. Definitely can relate to shopping then eating out!

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      yay! I’m glad I’m not alone! I do this ALL the time!

  2. So sweet! I wish I had done this with Miles before Liliana came.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      But now you have a new job and you are going to get so much time back! And you SO deserve it!

  3. Great idea! I’ve been thinking about my life balance lately too. I work but to me, it’s all the same. Regardless, you are being pulled in a 1000 directions and it’s so easy to put off time with your child. I’m so guilty of things like, “let me get the dishes done first,” etc. I may have to do this soon and a few times more..

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      Exactly! I know we are all guilty of it. I am constantly trying to distract Luna with something so I can get other things done. Obviously, we have to get stuff done, but I guess it’s all about balance. Sometimes it’s get to take a break and just focus on them…or our Husband, or friends or even ourselves!

  4. I can relate to SO much of this. Getting home from work there is always more stuff to be done at home, and paying attention to a 2.5 year old isn’t the only thing to do. I was just thinking about setting aside certain days of the week where I am only with Keaston when I get home. Great read! And yes, totally guilty of ordering or picking up something RIGHT after the grocery store haha.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      Yes, it’s so hard to find balance between everything! I’m definitely going to try to schedule some more “mother daughter time”. I can tell she really enjoyed having my undivided attention for once!

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