FIFTH Annual Friend Photos (kind of)

Five years ago, a group of my best girls and I decided to take “friend” photos. I don’t even know where we got this idea, but here we are five years later, still getting together in Texas, organizing our growing families, booking a photographer and taking group photos. It’s probably the best idea we’ve ever had….definitely better than the time we decided to ride a ferry to Galveston with bras on our heads. Every. Single. Year I look forward to these photos and seeing how much our group has grown. (Will we ever stop having kids???)  This year we will have grown by two new baby girls, but sadly, we were missing a big portion of our “group”. Sommer, a fourth of our group, has four little people of her own and one (maybe 2?) of them had fallen sick so her and her crew were unable to make the photo. It only makes sense that at some point, with this many kids, this would happen.

Annual Friend Photos

We still went through with the planned photoshoot, but we plan on doing another next time I’m in town (new baby in tow!). It just wasn’t the same without ALL of us. However, the photos we got with the ones that could make it, still turned out beautiful, with one exception: my hair! Holy humidity! My beautiful freshly curled, natural-looking-waves went flat and bleh-looking in about 5 seconds. Thanks a lot coastal rainy weather!

It’s hard to believe there were 2 adults and 4 kids missing from this photo! OR, that there will be an extra baby next time!

Our dear talented photographer friend Simone took our photos again, and as always she did a bang up job. I don’t know where she finds her patience and ability to work with such a large group, but she has a real gift.

We try to pick a theme for each photshoot and this year we chose a “boho” theme. I’ve got to be honest and say that Danica and Misti’s dresses look so much better than mine! Between my hair and dress choice, I’m kind of happy we get to re-take our photos sometimes this summer! Hmmm, what should the next theme be???

Luna definitely rocked the “boho” look. Thanks Target!

Our little bohemian princess just loves daddy kisses and tickle attacks!

Our family of three…soon to be four!

In the middle of the photo session, Luna remembered she had pockets and was pleasantly surprised to find she had previously stuffed them with toys. Oh look, there’s a Minnie Mouse in my pocket, sweet!

And, of course, no photoshoot is complete without Husband sneaking around with our camera taking “behind the scenes” photos.

husband's photoshoot outtakes

I just love how Orion looks like he’s in wizardry school, Expelliarmus!

outtakes from photoshoot

If you are located in or near Southeast Texas, you’ve got to hit up Simone, ST Photography, for your local photo needs! Thanks Simone for always treating us so wonderfully!

Also, in case you missed our previous years, here’s the photoshoots from year one, year two, year three and year four. I just love going back to see how our families have grown! Such good memories!!!


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  1. We should take pictures at the beach! We just have to get Simone out there.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      oooh i like that idea!

  2. Really sweet photos!

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