14 Things for Parents to do During Naptime at Disney World

walking at disney during naptime

In case you haven’t noticed, Husband and I are huge Disney fans, like HUGE. We have so many memories there (first dates, proposal, wedding, vacations, etc) that it holds a very special place in our hearts. So, when we get the chance to go, we want to soak up as much Disney magic as possible. Even when we bring Luna, as a baby or a toddler, we never go back to our hotel room for a break or a nap. We are 100% a “rope drop to wishes” kind of guest. That doesn’t mean that Luna doesn’t nap, in fact, she naps in the park, and we enjoy Disney and all its glory while she catches some Zzz’s.

15 Things for Parents to do During Naptime at Disney World (1)Lucky for us, Luna has always been a great stroller napper. I like to think it’s because from the time she was born we have always been on the go. She has had to have stroller naps around the world, and country, from a very young age. So, there’s a chance we prepared her for naps-on-the-go, however, I know every kid is very different, so we may have just lucked out with her stroller napping abilities! In any case, she can nap for hours in her stroller and actually seems to sleep better in noisier/busier environments. Stroller naps are the bomb because that means, not trekking all the way back to our Disney resort. Honestly, if we had to go back for naptime it would be awful. It takes forever and I’m 100% Luna would fall asleep on the way back, wake up when we got to the room and then refuse to go back to sleep. So yeah… #strollernapsforthewin

What you may be wondering is what on Earth (or what in Disney) can Husband and I do while we’re strapped with a sleeping toddler in a stroller? The short answer: SO MUCH. However, if you want a real answer with actual ideas, this post is for you darling.

1.Coffee break. Thank the heavens above, every Disney park now has a legit Starbucks (matching park mugs available only in each park). Getting coffee, sitting in peace in “the happiest place on Earth” and enjoying the magical elixir without a three-year old begging for a cake pop is heavenly.

Starbucks break Magic Kingdom
Look how care-free and caffeinated I look…

2. Take turns going through the single rider lines. Lots of the most popular and most thrilling rides at Disney offer a “single rider” line, meaning you are basically a seat filler. Cast members take people (one-at-a-time) from the single rider line to fill seats on the busy rides. So, you can’t ride with your loved one or best bud, but you go through the line WAY faster and don’t need a Fastpass. We have done this for years. I can remember waiting 5 minutes for Expedition Everest, riding it three times in a row, meanwhile the stand-by line was a 90 minute wait! So which rides offer a single-rider line at Disney??? Test Track, Expedition Everest, Rock N’ Roller Coaster, Soarin’ and Mission Space.

3. Eat the good snacks. I love getting ice cream and not having to share. Mwahahahahaah (photo proof found at the top of this blog!)

4. Watch a show or a parade. There are so many shows and parades offered at Disney at basically every time. Might as well take a load off and enjoy some entertainment while your little angels sleep.

5. People watch. There is NO BETTER PLACE to people watch than Disney. Promise. It’s mine and Husband’s favorite past-time.

6. Take cute photos! This is a great time to snap your “insta-worthy” shots. Have a little photo shoot. Hit up all the photopass photographers. Take pics of just you and your Husband (how often does that happen???) It’s kind of fun to take cute photos without having to bribe your child to smile.

Cinderella's castle photo
Little do you know that Luna is sleeping soundly just right out of frame.

7. Go shopping. It’s fun to shop with Luna and see her get all excited about Mickey and Princesses galore, but it’s also fun to shop around without having to constantly ask her to put something back and then deal with all the tears.

main street usa
No happier place to shop than Main Street USA!

8. If you happen to be at Animal Kingdom then you can enjoy walking the maharaja trek and pangani forest trails. These are really nice trails where you can enjoy some shade and see a lot of cool animals. OR, you can hit-up the Flights of Wonder show. I’m not a huge bird fan (okay, I’m terrified of birds), but this show is pretty cool and they typically allow strollers with little sleepers inside the show.

9. If you happen to be at EPCOT, then you should definitely take a walk around the World Showcase. Good food, good drinks, good atmosphere, good shopping and lots of random shows throughout the countries, it’s kind of perfect.

flower and garden show EPCOT
We were lucky enough to be there during the beautiful flower and garden show too!

10. Play some of the rarely taken advantage of, interactive games at Magic Kingdom or EPCOT! Magic Kingdom has “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” (an interactive scavenger hunt to stop Hades from taking over the Magic Kingdom). Or you can use your smartphone to play “Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure” at Epcot. These are actually pretty fun!

11. If you are a real Disney nerd (cough, Husband, cough, cough), then nap-time is a great time for pin trading.

12. Another huge Disney nerd/fan activity…hunt for the hundreds of Hidden Mickey’s around the park.

13. Something you may not want to do, but have to do is catch up on some adult/real life stuff… respond to emails and texts, call home/work, reapply sunscreen, visit the Fastpass kiosks, make or change reservations, etc etc.

14. And, finally, if you have a kid that just refuses to nap in a stroller and you must go back to your room, then take advantage of the hotel amenities. Rest or take a nap yourself, watch cable TV, take turns using the resort pool, gym or spa, read or just plan out the afternoon/evening.

Gosh, there’s just so much to do! You may need a nap yourself by the time your kid wakes up.

If you have an upcoming Disney trip or one you’ve recently taken, I’d love to hear how you and your family handle nap-time at the parks. Do you stay or go back to your room? Do you do anything I didn’t have on my list? Please share below! I’d love some new Disney tips.


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