How to Pack You Bag for a Disney Park

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Since you now know that we never leave the parks when we are Disney, and you know our secrets to surviving nap-time in the parks, it’s probably a good time to share what we bring to the parks in order to survive a full 12 hours (or longer!). Honestly, it’s not as much as you would think. I can promise you that packing, being prepared and toting around a backpack is going to make a full day at Disney with your kids SO MUCH EASIER.

How to Pack your day bag for disney

First off, bring your own stroller and backpack. These are the two must have items. Your own stroller will be easier and more comfy than the ones you rent and a backpack is the perfect type of bag. You can wear the backpack over your shoulders instead of slinging a diaper bag over one side all day, or you can loop one strap over the stroller handles and just let it hang (that’s what we typically do).

We use a Britax stroller and we love it!

Snacks. This is probably a big DUH, but seriously not only is it very handy to have snacks ready to handout at a moment’s notice, but it’s WAY cheaper than having to buy snacks from the park throughout the day. We’ve even brought our own pb&j sandwiches a few times. Some of my favorite healthier options to pack? Cheese sticks, veggies straws, nuts, dried fruit, fruit leathers, granola bars, carrots, apples, cuties and bananas.

A light blanket. We still use those wonderful newborn muslin blankets everyone gets at baby showers these days. They are the perfect blanket for a trip. They are lightweight, breathable, super easy to pack and cozy. We use them to cover Luna if she’s chilly, cover the stroller to keep out the sun during her nap, to wipe her face/nose or I have even used one as a scarf for myself.

A change of clothes/undies/diapers/whatever you’re using. Diapers are obvious if your child isn’t potty trained yet, however if they are recently potty trained you are most definitely going to want to pack extra underwear and probably a change of clothes. Lord knows Luna needed it. Did you see my Insta-story? The one where she stood at the top of a slide in Dino-Land (Animal Kingdom), stared right at me and peed all down the slide? Then, slipped in her own pee and slid down the wet slide…and THEN the poor innocent boy behind her did the same. It was pretty humiliating, for me. She couldn’t have cared less.

Wipes. Again, even if they’re potty trained, wipes come in handy for all things sticky!

Water. We pack three water bottles. One for each of us. We refill them at water fountains or ask for a cup of water (always free) at any food service location.

Bubbles. A small bottle of bubbles is great for entertainment when your stuck in a long line. Other kids tend to enjoy it too!

Those tiny bottle you get at weddings and parties are the best.

A small toy or two. I typically throw in a couple Disney figurines (from home or the Dollar Tree) for Luna to play with in the stroller. Also great entertainment when waiting on a ride.

Ponchos. Okay, well, this is kind of a lie. We do not always bring ponchos, but we should. It does often rain at Disney. When it does rain the Disney poncho dealers come out of the woodwork selling ponchos for quadruple their worth. So, if you don’t want to pay through the nose to keep dry, then pack a poncho.

Sunscreen. It doesn’t matter the time of year or the temps. You are in sunny Florida and you will get burned.

Sunglasses. Read above statement.

Hat. Ditto.

BTW, I just got Luna this exact hat at Costco for $7.99.

Chapstick. Is it just me, or is it always nice to have lip balm on hand, especially while out and about all day, in the elements?

Wallet/money/ID. All things you don’t want to leave home without. In case you didn’t know, you can sync your debit/credit card to your Disney magic band and then use your band to pay for everything. Super easy and a great time saver. Also, super easy to overspend without thinking about it at all. It’s magic!

Camera. My God, don’t forget the camera!

Phone. Mostly because this is also your camera.

Portable charger. Disney has a few locations where you can sit and plug in your phone, but why waste anytime? We bring a an external battery and cable with us. When our phones (or camera or fitbit) are running low, we simply plug them in, set them in the stroller pocket and keep going.

Medication. What might you need while out ALL day…at a them park…with huge crowds? Advil? Tylenol? Tums? Xanax? Doesn’t hurt to have a few emergency meds packed.

Light sweater/jacket. It doesn’t matter how hot it is during the day, you are likely to get a bit chilled a night. Even if you are at Disney in mid-July, it’s likely that you will be wearing a tank top and shorts and will also eat dinner in an air-conditioned restaurant. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for that light sweater you decided to pack.

Hairbrush. Okay, this one is a bit silly and unnecessary, but I packed one of Luna’s small hairbrushes and few extra hairbands this time, and I am so glad I did. We take approximately 47 billion pictures at the park and by the time Luna wakes up from her nap we (mostly her) are looking rough. It was nice to be able to brush her hair or redo her pigtails for the second half of the day.

We recently got one of these “tangle free” brushes for Luna and they actually work pretty well.

There you have it. Your 20 necessary items to pack in your bag for a day at the Disney Parks! So, tell me…what did I miss? Tell me what you pack below and good luck on your next trip!

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4 Replies to “How to Pack You Bag for a Disney Park”

  1. Misti Sanchez says: Reply

    I have a waterproof phone/cash/credit card carrier. You can wear it around your neck. I’ve used it canoeing, water parks, etc. Its perfect for keeping those essential items dry (that you don’t want to leave in the stroller unattended). It’s also great for rain and rides with unexpected water.

    1. Misti Sanchez says: Reply

      You can find them for $12 or less online or at Academy.

  2. April Graves says: Reply

    I didn’t realize how dark it is in the park when the sun goes down. For some reason I thought it would be more lit up. It was hard to find our stroller after getting off of each ride. I noticed several people that put battery powered lights on their strollers. I would also pack light up necklaces or glow bracelets to stick on your kids so you can see them easily invade they run off I will definitely do that the next time I go.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      That’s such a good idea! I never thought about that, but you’re right, it is hard to find your stroller in the dark.

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