How to Travel WITHOUT Your Kids

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This past week, Husband and I took our first trip WITHOUT Luna, since she’s been born. I have to admit, we are so used to having her with us when we travel, that it felt a little sad at first. It just felt wrong ordering my Starbucks in the airport without getting a chocolate milk and blueberry muffin for her. Yup, for about 5 whole minutes, it was sad. And then, it hit me…we are KID FREE! FREE! We get to travel together while only thinking of ourselves! We get to be alone! We get to do whatever we want! Woohoo!!!!

For perhaps the first time ever, we left for our vacation with no itinerary. The only thing we had planned, was to see Hamilton, which was the entire reason for the trip in the first place. We’ve done all the touristy stuff Chicago has to offer on previous trips, and for once, I didn’t want to take the time to make a big plan. So, I didn’t. We arrived, found our hotel and wondered. It was perfect. I can’t tell you the last time we just wondered.

Lucky for us, Husband has college friends that live in Chicago (one who happens to be the head chef of a reaaallly good restaurant, Presidio.) They told us about the cool, not-so-touristy, neighborhoods to explore, which is exactly what we did. So, how did we enjoy traveling without kids and without a plan? Simple. We just did the following…

How to Travel without kids

-First, we’ll do a more serious, kid-centered tip. (Maybe a full blog post on this later? Anyone interested?) Pack and plan everything for your child well in-advance. If you know they are well-cared for and you prepared the best you could, then you are way less likely to stress over them while you’re gone and trying to relax.

-Pack for yourself. Screw saving space for extra toys, diapers and baby things. Throw in a pair of fancy shoes for yourself and maybe even some extra outfits, just for kicks.

-Bring entertainment. NOT child, Disney movie, board books, tiny toys types of entertainment… I mean YOUR entertainment.  Trashy shows on your iPad, gossip magazines, a good book, podcasts, your favorite music, or I don’t know…just bring a pillow and take a nap!

-Stay out late. Truth: We were in our hotel room before 7pm the first night. It was awesome. BUT, we stayed out until midnight the next night, hanging out with Husband’s old college friends. Soooo wild, I know.

-Sleep late. I honestly thought, I’d get up early and (I’m not at all kidding) meditate and workout the next morning. BAHAHAHAHAHA That did not happen. We slept so late, ate breakfast in bed and took our damn time getting ready for the Hamilton matinee. Again, it rocked. Plus, it was below freezing outside so it was kind of nice to stay indoors.

-Watch trash TV. We stayed up watching Dancing With the Stars and Keeping Up With Kardashians. (Do not judge. It was the episode with the Paris attack…that’s interesting!)

-Eat whatever you want. I typically eat healthy, but I am especially careful about what I eat in front of Luna. I want her to have better habits than myself. However, all bets are off when Mommy and Daddy are alone, and under no obligation to share! Hello donuts, ice cream and extra cups of coffee! The first night we were there I was craving Italian BAD. So, what did we do? Found an Italian restaurant that delivered and had ALL the carbs sent directly to our room! I’m here to tell you, pasta is even better when you eat in bed.

-Enjoy each other. It’s not often you get to be alone.

So, tell me…do you and your loved one ever get the opportunity to travel alone? What do you do to enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!



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