How to Help Small Town Harvey Victims

Unless you literally live under a rock, you’ve heard of the catasrophic destruction left behind from Hurricane Harvey, a name that will not soon be forgotten. We all know that Houston, a city of 2.3 million people is in desperate need of help, repair and money. It’s tragic, and the worst part is, it’s not just Houston. Harvey left a path of destruction from Corpus Christi all the way to Lake Charles (and is technically still on a rampage). A storm, unlike any other, has left over 100,000 homes in need of repair.

With Houston being the fourth largest city in the nation, it is getting full media coverage and tons of help and attention from the celebrity crowds. It’s wonderful. The outreach of love and the spirit of giving towards that great southern metropolis is needed! However, with so much attention on big cities, the small towns, the heart of Texas, is often forgotten. One of the small towns drowned by Harvey’s persistant rain fall is where I grew up. The Golden Triangle, where I lived for 22 years is completely devastated, mostly under water and in great need of help. My own parents house has 2.5 feet of water in it.

This area, were so many of my family and friends still live has been unbelievably selfless and dedicated to one another. When the waters began rising, the rescues began. By nightfall it was too dangerous for local law enforcement to complete rescues. Not to mention, there were literally hundreds, if not thousands of people, in need of rescue, too many for law enforcement to rescue alone. So what did this group of small towns do? They volunteered. They volunteered like crazy. Virtually every family with a boat immediately set out to work with local law enforcement and conduct rescues. The roads and highways, turned rivers, were lined with boats en route to save families from their quickly flooding homes. It didn’t stop there. Anyone who was able to connect to social media began posting and sharing all of the addresses and locations of people needing rescued. People created Facebook rescue groups, maps with pins dropped of people who needed rescue, paypal accounts were set up and everyone with a dry home o1pemed their doors to their refugee neighbors. Then, there were the local businesses… Churches, schools, convention centers and more became shelters. Restaurants opened their doors and gave hot meals away for FREE. There have been countless selfless acts of kindness. It was beautiful to witness it all unfold via social media.

Being a former Texan, transplanted to Tennessee, I was wrenched with survival’s guilt. I wanted so desperately to be there helping, and also to bring everyone with me to Nashville. I plan to go “home” ASAP to help however possible, until then, I’ll do what I can to offer assistance long distance. Below, I am listing different ways to make donations that go directly to my hometown. These are accounts set up by friends, classmates and people I actually know. Whatever you give will all be given and used 100% for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas.

-First Baptist Church of Groves- being used as a shelter, and is currently at capacity is taking donations here. They are in need of so much!

-Kari Robbins – friend who is very involved in their church and community, and will be taking all funds sent to her paypal account and using them to purchase supplies for various shelters. Send money via paypal to: via “friends and family”

-Click here to donate directly to the Southeast Texas foodbank.

This is a link to an Amazon prime baby registry a local person created who will be delivering all of these needed baby supplies.

-A very sweet girl I used to take care of in daycare designed these t-shirts. All funds made will go directly to local Harvey victims.

-Another good friend from high school (out of town, like me) created this gofundme account. He is using every penny raised to purchase needed supplies and is having another out of town friend drive them in ASAP.

– My good friend’s sister is also collecting funds through Paypal. Her and her Husband are doing an incredible job collecting and delivering supplies. Money can be donated via paypal:

Here is an Amazon wishlistof needed school supplies for the local schools that were flooded. (Includes the schools were I went as a child.)

-One of my best friend’s sister creates this gofundme to raise money for families with younf children and infants in need of baby supplies.

-This gofundme was created by my friend’s brother-in-law to raise money for the local police officers (that have been working day and night) who have lost their homes.

If there is anything you can give, it will be helpful and so appreciated. I will do my best to update this list as I learn about more ways to give locally. Thank you friends.


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