Must Have Items For Warm Weather Trips

It’s September already and though the end of summer is fast approaching (like 9 days left?), we recently completed our first road trip and summer vacation as a family of four! With Dash being born mid-June, we had to schedule our summer adventures all for the end of summer (a couple even in early fall). So, with our 3.5 year old and 7 week old, we packed up our Prius and drove 550 miles to Hilton Head Island. It was quite the adventure. Now, after our mostly relaxing beach vacation I am happy to share 10 item’s you absolutely must take on your next summer vacation/beach getaway.

warm weather trips

mesh baby sling ring

It’s perfect! It’s breathable, water-friendly, adjustable and makes summer activities with a baby much easier.

puddle jumper

The BEST “floatie”. It makes having a toddler in the pool much less scary.

baseball cap

Great to keep the sun off your face, great for dirty hair and cute too!

rash guard

NEVER thought I’d be the kind of girl who loves a rash guard, but once you hit 30, protecting your skin becomes super important.


Overalls are my new obsession. So cute, so easy to throw on over basically any top and an excellent swimsuit cover.

half pops

Hands-down the yummiest snack around. Who knew that half-popped popcorn could be so delicious?! You NEED these on your road-trip. Promise.

tablet holder

With children, you obviously need a tablet for a road-trip, or any type of trip for that matter. And, in a car or a plane, you need an tablet holder.

whole piece swimsuit

one piece swimsuit









Because #momlife and chasing kids all over the beach.

good book

For the car ride, naptime, bedtime and the very rare 10 minutes you have when no children need you. I recommend 10% Happier.

fun puzzle

Seriously, putting together a giant puzzle with the whole family on a summer trip is super fun.

Anything especially useful you brought on your summer trips? I’d love to hear about it. (AKA add it to my Amazon list.)

Time for me to unpack and repack…we are leaving for our next trip (trip #4 of 5) in just 2 weeks!


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