How to Squeeze in Super Quick Workouts (To Your Already Hectic Schedule)

quick and easy workouts

Since sharing my “Positively Fit” blog post and passion for a healthy lifestyle, I have been sharing tons of workouts, tips and tricks on my new fitness Instagram account (@official_positively_fit) and I am LOVING it!!! The fitness community on Instagram is huge and incredibly supportive. It’s been so fun finding new people to follow as well as meeting new followers to join me on this journey. One of my favorite and frequent posts to share are ways to workout while doing regular household and daily task…like brushing your teeth for example.

how to squeeze in super quick workouts

That’s right, I’ve been sharing #toothbrushworkouts as well as others! No time to do a full workout DVD or head to the gym? No problem! You brush your teeth right!? Perfect! See how easy it is to squeeze in a little strength routine?

That’s not all though… gotta fold clothes?

Unload the dishwasher?

Hold a fussy baby?

#noexcuses Being active everyday is vital to tour health. It improves cardio health, boosts mental health, burns extra calories and helps relieve fatigue. So, even when it doesn’t seem like it. I promise you can find time to move.

Need a few more ideas?

-Wear ankle weights while completing daily chores.

-Set a timer and do 1 Minute of exercise for every 10 minutes of cleaning/working/cooking.

-Pump up the jams and get your groove on while getting ready in the morning.

-Hold various yoga poses while watching TV.

-Do crunches, jumping jacks or squats during commercial breaks.

Do all of this and you won’t need that gym membership anymore!

Now, I love a challenge so, PLEASE, tell me… what task would you like me to add some exercise to next? Let me know in the comments and I will do my absolute best to creat something Insta-worthy!


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