Our Favorite Farm and Pumpkin Patch

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Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin patch in October??? Pumpkin patches weren’t a thing in Southeast Texas, where I grew up, so now that I live in Tennessee with two kids of my own, I am always sure to hit the pumpkin patch (sometimes two) every October. We are lucky enough to have the best farm and pumpkin patch very close to our house. Gentry Farm has been our “must visit” tradition every October. In fact, I’m fairly certain this family owned 160 something year old farm is a tradition for virtually every family in the area!

favorite pumpkin patch

For me, the highlight of Gentry Farm is picking our own pumpkins. So cool, right? I absolutely love walking through an actual pumpkin patch and searching for that perfect carvable pumpkin…or a few perfect carvable pumpkins. There are so many sizes, colors and shapes! This year, for the first time, I let Luna pick out three pumpkins herself. My only rule was that they had to be whole pumpkins, as in not stepped on, half-eaten or smashed. You never know what a three-year old might deem appropriate when it comes to pumpkin picking. She had a blast walking through the patch searching for good pumpkins. I must say, we ended up 3 large bumpy dented perfectly imperfect pumpkins!

gentry farm

After the pumpkin picking, the real festivities begin! Inside the farm there are endless amounts of activities. I swear more and more are added each year too. We never skip the 4-acre corn maze. Each year the maze is made in a different shape. This year the it is a maple leaf and it was pretty darn tricky! For another “first”, we allowed Luna to lead us through the maze. She literally went down every single dead end. At one point, we had to take the reigns and try to actually find our way out. It was definitely the longest it has ever taken us to finish.

picking pumpkins

Luna’s favorite activities were the swings, the hay bale maze for kids, the wooden tractor playground and the grain troughs. We were literally there for HOURS. We also hit up the nature trail, the farm animals, tons of farm games and of course, the wagon ride, but Luna always found her way back to her favorites. It’s been fun to go year after year and see what will be the most fun for Luna each year. Dash was happy being worn by me most of the time, but I’m excited to see him be able to really play on the farm next year!

family tradition

While picking pumpkins this year, I told Luna that we picked pumpkins here while she was still in my belly. It was actually the day we found out we were having a girl. I explained to her that this is where we go every year, and that last year, when we picked pumpkins, Dash was in my belly. She thought it all sounded amazing, but I have a feeling she forgot all about our little sentimental moment by the time she hit the tire swing! Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be something we talk about year after year! Thanks so much for having us Gentry family! You never disappoint!

our fall tradition


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