How to Boo at the Zoo

It’s Halloween time! This time of year kicks off the season of festivals, parties and family events. Here, in Middle Tennessee, there are literally endless amounts of activities for families to enjoy. Have you seen my Instagram lately?? We are at a farm, festival, market or party every day. And, obviously, we love it. One event, that we always enjoy and never miss, year after year, is the annual Boo at the Zoo.

how to boo at the zoo

We’ve attended Nashville’s Boo at the Zoo for four consecutive years now, and have got this thing on lockdown. Considering, every zoo seems to host some type of annual “Boo at the Zoo” event, I figure now may be a good time to share the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years… because you CANNOT just show up for the event unprepared! So, for all you fun-loving families out there, here are my top tips for “How to Boo at the Zoo”.

everything you need to know

-Pack snacks

Yes, there is trick-or-treating and candy for all the kids, but trust me, you do not want them surviving on sugar alone! You also don’t want to pay out the nose for the food sold on site. Do yourself a favor and pack some pb&j’s and snacks.

-Wear costumes

Everyone is in costume and it’s AMAZING. Families go all out for this event so you will not be alone.

-Go early

Boo at the Zoo is crazy popular. If you get there early you’ll get better parking, shorter lines, more daylight, less stress and the chance to get home at a reasonable bed time.

-Take naps

My almost 4 year old only naps a couple of times a week, but for this event, I make sure she gets a good nap beforehand. A sleepy whiney child is the last thing I want to deal with during this busy event.

-Pack layers and blankets

It’s an October evening, therfore it could be anywhere from 30 to 85 degrees, pack extra layers.

-Trick-or-Treat first

There are SO many fun activities to do during Boo at the Zoo, but we always hit up the “trick-or-treating” area first. The kids want the candy. The lines are shorter. The sun is still out and then, you have leverage for bribing or threatening the rest of the night! Score!

-Pick a “meet up” spot

If you have multiple children, there’s a good chance you will split-up (on purpose OR by accident). There’s also a good chance someone won’t be carrying their cell phone, so pick an easy meet-up point to collect everyone.

-Choose your Top 3 must-do activities

Like I said, this event is popular, crowded and busy. The lines can get long and you may not have time to do it all, so pick your top 3 “must do” activities and do those first. So, no matter what, you will at least have gotten to do your favorite things.

ball pit
One of Luna’s “top 3” was definitely this ball pit!

There you have it…. my pro Boo at the Zoo survival tips! So tell me, do you have a “boo at the zoo” near you?


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