The BEST Gifts for Moms

gifts ideas for Mom

Yall, Moms deserve the BEST Christmas gifts. We all know that Moms are superheros who can run their own businesses, heal booboo’s with magic kisses, find everything their Husband loses, get chocolate out of white fabric, memorize every important fact about each person in their house, run marathons and do it all while looking amazing. We’re basically witches….really tired witches with caffeine coursing through our veins. Us Moms also put a lot of thought and effort into getting every person we know a nice Christmas gift to show how much we care. So this year, do the Moms in your life a solid and get them a nice thoughtful gift they actually want.

Need ideas? Great, I’ve got em’.

  1. A diaper backpack. Mom’s do not want to look like they are carrying a diaper bag, but we need one. We have to stock that bag full of supplies to survive the day with multiple children (and hangry Husbands). You know what’s better than a cute diaper bag? A cute diaper BACKPACK. Why? Because backpacks are in and they’re super helpful! Hello, handsfree!
BTW, I have this one and I get SO many compliments on it. Also, it’s only $36! That’s a steal!

2. High quality leggings. Most of us wear leggings on the daily. We can workout in them, chase kids in them and even wear them to and from the office. We wear them SO much that we need cute, high-quality, comfortable leggings. These Spacedye leggings from Beyond Yoga are pricey (about $100/pair), but yall….#worthit. They are like wearing butter.

3. Never thought I’d say this, but this manual breastpump is a must-have for new Moms. This little guy is crazy easy to use! It just suctions onto your breast and BAM – milk! There are no parts or attachments and it’s very convenient to use on one side while feeding on the other. I literally use this every single day. I don’t know why it took so long for this to come into existence. It’s genius!

4. A clean house. Every Mom’s to-do list is exactly 17 feet long. You know what is present on each of those lists? “Clean the house”. How nice would it be to be able to cross that off for a Mom you know? I’ll tell you…VERY nice. So nice that she will love you forever and ever and ever amen. Did you know you can hire a “house cleaner” on Amazon now?? Or that there is this super cool app called “Thumbtack” that makes it very easy to hire someone to do basically anything around your house??? The Mom in your life’s favorite gift is just a click away!

5. These bracelets. Buy this “we can do hard things” bracelet to remind her that..well, that she can do hard things, like change an explosive diaper at Target, breastpump while driving or listen to her Husband say he’s tired. Bonus: 100% of the proceeds from this bracelet go to Together Rising, a very credible and fantastic charity.

we can do hard things bracelet









6. A slightly cheesy, yet beautiful necklace. Our kids make us crazy, but we’d walk through fire to give them their lovie at bedtime. We love them so much we want to wear their names around our neck. Or maybe we’re just so sleep-deprived we need a visual reminder of their names. In any case. I really like these customized chokers from The Shine Project. I have one with Luna and Dash’s initials, and I wear it almost every day.

custom choker










7. A fun, cute, quirky mug to match their personality because…duh, coffee.

8. A hat. Moms need cute hats. Who has time to fix their hair anymore???

9. A dress you can do anything in… work, play, run errands, breastfeed, feel confident, be comfortable and look stylish? If you know me, you probably know I am referring to an Ashley Lemieux dress. I’m a tad obsessed.

ashley lemieux dress










10. And, finally, a meal plan. Planning meals every single week is daunting. Help a Mother out, by getting her a meal plan. My friend, Taylor over at Clean Food Clean Plate actually created 4 different meal plans (shopping list included), and they’re only $4. And, I can confidently tell you, her recipes are BOSS.

Happy shopping! Tell me what you are getting the Mom in your life in the comments.


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  1. Great ideas! The haaka pump is great. Simple and cheap.

    1. positivelypanicked says: Reply

      Do you have one Misti?? It’s so good!!! I am so glad I got one. It’s great to travel with too.

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