5 Minute Workouts

5 minute workout

It’s a new year, a new week, a new day and a fresh start! I love the feeling of starting fresh. I know we should wake up every morning feeling like we’ve been given a clean slate and an opportunity to try harder, but a new year really multiplies that feeling. So what are you goals for 2018?

I hope at least one of your goals is directed towards a healthier lifestyle. Who doesn’t have room to improve when it comes to health and fitness? This month, I am starting Focus T25 (again!), but I am also setting a goal to get in at least 5 minutes of exercise a day*, and I want to encourage you to join me.

5 minute full-body workout

Five minutes a days is an attainable goal for virtually anyone. It is doable on days that your schedule is jam packed. It is reasonable on the days you are exhausted. It’s a goal you can meet and feel good about. So, why 5 minutes? Does that really make a difference?? Yes!

-Being active for 5 minutes will improve your cardiovascular health.

-It can boost your mood and brainpower.

-Completing these works will improve your confidence and keep you motivated.

-Starting small, and then gradually increasing, your workouts makes it far more likely for your new habits and motivation to stick.

– Doing a simple, daily and consistent workout is a simple way to start the year successfully AND keep from burning out or giving up.

The hope is that commiting to 5 minutes day will create a new healthy habit. You will feel successful, motivated and continue to keep it up. The encouragement that stems from this new habit will make it easier for you to add more time and energy to your workouts. We, as humans, thrive on routine. Even little deviations from our regular schedules stresses us out mentally and emotionally. We often run on autopilot, running through our daily routine, without giving it much thought. To change, even for the better, means getting out of our comfort zone, and we are naturally resistant to that. If we commit to making one small change at a time, such as a 5 minute daily workout, it will easily fit itself into our routine, and eventually be a part of our “autopilot”.

Need a quick and simple workout idea? Do one minute of each workout below.

5 MINUTE full body workout




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