My Last Baby is One

Today, my baby boy, my last baby, turns one. Just as every parent wonders, I’m sitting here asking myself, how is this possible? Where has the time gone? Like all other parents warned me, the second baby’s first year flies baby even faster than the first. When Luna was borned, I had to learn to survive. I dealt with postpartum depression, post traumatic stress and just learning to be a Mom in general. Luna was the one who seemed to bring me back to life, keep me grounded and taught me what true unconditional love feels like. Then, Dash came along. Dash brought all new lessons with his arrival.

My Last Baby is One

From birth, Dash taught me the importance of being present, mindful and patient with myself. I learned to meditate, found a new love for yoga and discovered the healing power of breath. His birth was a testament to these practices. And, all of my calmness and yogi-ness must have carried over into the womb, because Dash didn’t cry when he was born. From the SECOND Dash entered the world, he was freaking nurses out. There was an entire team of nurses that flew in to take Dash out of my arms and do everything in their power (i.e. torture) to make him cry. A short while later, they returned him to me and said, Well, he’s healthy. You just have a VERY calm baby. Consider yourself lucky.

luna and dash beach
Dash’s first trip to the beach, Hilton Head Island. He was six weeks old.

HAH!  They should come over around 2am now!

dash disney

Ever since Dash’s birth (well, actually since his first ultra-sound– the one where they thought I was miscarrying), he has taken his time and done things how he pleases. Without getting into too much detail (yet), he has had some pretty severe constipation issues since birth and some gross motor delays. He has had multiple x-rays, a biopsy, seen 5 specialists, numerous health and developmental evaluations and the pediatrician’s office knows us all too well. This child has STRESSED me out. Having said that, he has also remind me to stop stressing out so much.

dash hat

He is a big reason why my blog has taken a backseat over the past year (don’t worry, that’s temporary). Dash has shone a big light on how I spend my time and energy. Knowing he is our last baby makes me hyper-aware of all of the “lasts”, and I am focused a lot on soaking all of these baby moments in as much as possible. Learning to split my time between the kids, the house, my marriage, my writing, my health and everything else in life was a struggle. Ultimately, I decided to work on learning to be present with my children, intentional with my time and to learn to cultivate with matters. It’s been a big year of learning. For all of us!

family photo

So, what has Dash’s first year entailed??? This kid… he is the cutest! He laughs so much, is (typically) so easy-going and LOVES his family, but mostly his sister. The bond these two have is more than I could have ever imagined. They melt my heart everyday and just can’t seem to get enough of each other.

dash and cat

Obviously, we have taken Dash on as many adventures as possible his first year, and just like his sister, he has been a real trooper! He has been to Texas, New York City, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Florida beaches, Disney World, Hilton Head Island, several cities around Tennessee and ALL over the Nashville area. He has been on airplanes, road-trips, in taxis, on hikes, in the ocean, on theme park rides and more! His next goal is to go out of the country with his crazy family. (Hoping that happens this fall!)


Dash is the cherry on top of our family Sundae. He makes our days brighter and our hearts fuller. No matter what strange medical mystery he brings our way, he will continue to make our home a happier one. If Luna’s first year on Earth taught me to LIVE life, then Dash’s first year has taught me to ENJOY that life.

dash an dada

Happy First Birthday Son. You may not remember this day, but it’s one your Dad and I will never forget. Love you more than you can possibly imagine!

dash eyes


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  1. This is so on point! Thank you for expressing what many of us moms can’t put into words. Being present is so vital. Praying for Dash. Love my squishy precious nephew! He’s so stinkin cute! Happy birthday Dashy!

  2. Wow he is such a sweetie! Where has the time gone? Give Dash a big hug from his Great Aunt Amy. Wish we could be there to celebrate his 1st birthday but we leave for the beach on Saturday.

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