The Best Friend Photos Yet

In 2012, my friends and I randomly had an idea to take friend photos. My girlfriends from Texas, from our early teenage years, are still some of my closest friends. Honestly, they’re more family than friends. Considering that, we thought it might be fun to get some professionally done photos of us, because well, why not? As hard as it was to find a weekend that we were all together, free and in town, we managed to make it work.

At the time, we thought this was huge group.

I mean, look how cute we are?

We loved our “friend pics” so much, that we have since made it an annual tradition. No matter what, we found a time to all get together, hire a photographer and take photos. Of course, this typically ends with dinner, hanging out and gossiping all night long.

Since I live states away from these lovely ladies, I rarely get to hangout in person with. It’s a real shame considering they’re some of the smartest, funniest, most supportive and beautiful women I know. We do however, have a group text thread that literally blows up my phone daily. We laugh, cry, lift each other and put each other in our places on the daily. Thank God for technology!

So, this year was our 7th anniversary of taking “friend photos” and we decided to mix it up a bit. For the first time, we took photos in a studio. And, to really up the cheese factor, we went with a striped PJ theme. I must say, these are my fav pics yet!

Luna LOVED that we all have matching PJ’s.
I love how Dash is like “I’m outta here!”
And, we thought 2012’s group pic was big!
I seriously don’t know how Simone from Ivy Lane Portraits managed to get a photo of EVERY child.
the ultimate pillow fight
and then, there’s us
through thick and then, these girls are there
Just letting out all our aggression

HUGE shout out to Simone from Ivy Lane Portraits, you da real MVP. She seriously does not disappoint. Guys, one of these kids fell, nailed her head on the wood floor and had a goose egg the size of a baseball smack dab in the middle of her forehead in the midst of taking these photos. And, you cannot even tell which kid! #miracle #kidsmakeuscrazy

Have you ever thought about taking photos with your besties? I HIGHLY recommend it!


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