About Me

Hello friends!

I’m Hilarie, the creator of Positively Panicked, and I’m so thrilled to have you visit and read about my daily adventures. My very first adventures began in my backyard as a little girl in small-town Texas. In college, I ventured to Disney World in Orlando where I met my own Prince Charming. The two of us have since traveled the world (20 countries and counting!) and lived in Albania for a year where I began my very first blog, Adventures of a Teacher.  Life then took us to New York for a couple of years, where Positively Panicked was born and we now call our country home in middle Tennessee “home”.

I taught little ones for 6 awesome years, but I am now mostly a stay-at-home-Mom to our first baby, Luna, who was born in January of 2014 and our baby boy, Dash, born in June of 2017.  We have a tiny dog who barks too much that we adore and consider our “first pancake” and a naughty kitty whom our daughter named Petunia Kite. Our new adventure as parents and homeowners have proved to be more frightening and enlightening than perhaps any other wild trip to a new country, and we are loving it.

our family
Us on one of our Disney trips, our happy place

I also happened to have a panic-attack-anxiety-driven disorder which I like to think of as Excitedly Overwhelmed. So, sometimes I’ll share my excited outbursts with you and share how I deal and learn to accept it as a part of my life. I strive to find a little adventure and a positive outlook each day and hope to inspire you to do the same. I share the daily ups and downs, tips on how to travel and enjoy it, reviews of my favorite events and products and my honest opinions of it all.

I love to have daily adventures, I love coffee, writing honestly (with poor grammar), spending my money at Sephora, tacos, DANCING, working out, eating pb&j straight from the jar, ridiculously hot baths and Gilmore Girls.  I try really hard to be positive, even while panicking, or maybe especially while panicking…which brings me to this blog…Positively Panicked sums me up perfectly!