These Boots are Made for Watching

Kinky Boots is in Nashville!!!! EEEEEeeeee! I LOVE this show. I saw it on Broadway in New York when it opened and actually sat right behind Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein (the creators of the musical).It was a magical night of drag queens, glitter, shoes, high kicks and British accents. Can  you ask for more? […]

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is a super popular children’s book about a creative little girl who loves all things fancy. She dresses up like a Ballerina Princess on a daily basis and loves to use big “fancy” words like “ecstatic”, “fiasco”, and “parasol”, or sometimes she prefers to speak French. Nancy doesn’t understand why her parents choose […]

How to Pack Like a Pro: Tips for Fitting all of Your Shoes, Makeup, and Accessories into a Carry-On

When we travel, we travel fast. We hit as many touristy spots as possible, stay in hostels, take a million trains, eat from street carts, shop the local markets, and are always in such a hurry that we are basically running from one stop to the next. I really enjoy our traveling habits because we […]