Hamilton: A Work of Art

hamilton cast

Husband and I are both big theater fans, like really big. We have been fortunate enough to see numerous Broadway and off-Broadway shows, so many that we’ve lost count. It’s no surprise that when Hamilton: An American Musical first started picking up speed, it caught our attention. I remember asking Husband, what this Hamilton play was […]

Why Traveling is the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

explore south korea

From a very young age I dreamed of traveling the world. I dreamed of experiencing the magic of Disney World, standing on top of a snow covered mountain in Colorado, seeing Broadway and one day flying to Paris (the ultimate dream trip). I buried myself in books about far-off places, took French classes to prepare […]

21 Ways to Survive a Long Flight With a Toddler

21 tips for surviving a long flight with a toddler

Where do I begin??? In the past three weeks, we have celebrated Rosh Hashanah, taken an AMAZING girl’s trip to NYC,  celebrated Husband’s 32nd birthday, had some crazy family news, had a few different friends come stay with us AND spent 11 days in South Korea! Life has seemed upside down lately and I am desperately […]